Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy. Part 2.

Besides work, painting, school stuff, home stuff... this... that (and some big changes ahead) we keep going and going...and going. It's sometimes just a bit too much, really. Feeling frenzied and exhausted at times but taking the time to BREATHE and loving the days that are so graciously given to us.

Soccer practice-n-games.

Tears saying goodbye to our hamster "Tootles".

Polly growing.

Lettuce growing. (not of my doing for sure)
Our garden "Herb" has been severely neglected, but spring suprisingly brought lettuce. 

Busy. Part 1

The girls dance recital this weekend was titled "When I grow up..." and it was a great theme and a great (and very fast) year at dance. Hannah jiggled and jammed doing hip-hop and Lauren jazzed doing....jazz.

We sat there so proud watching them and I often wondered to myself, "when I grow up, I want to be..?" Still wondering about that myself.

Speaking of growing up. My birthday has been the LAST thing on my mind. It's not until the middle of May. Not for Josh. Was I missing something? He decided to lovingly throw me a surprise party Saturday night! He concocted this big (kinda messed up) scheme to get me outta the house and later I opened the door COMPLETELY unexpected to find 40-some people in our house yelling "SURPRISE!" 
Whaaaaaat? I was dumb-founded. Shocked. Emotional. He pulled another one on me. Apparently, my husband likes to surprise me big lately. It ended up being such a beautiful evening with incredible friends, yummy food and fun by a bonfire. 

I loved it and certainly felt so loved and incredibly blessed. (But not a year older quite yet!)

Just Josh.

Here I go again, a to-be-continued...continuing. I have been in "blog world" on Monday's lately and I'm a tad late, but...

How can I begin, really?

First of all (I know, another "first of all...") there is no way that I can even begin to put any words together for him that remotely measures up to my heart for him. He's the man of my life, the dream father of my children and my bestest friend.

We share heartbeats I think.

He finishes (or starts) my words and thoughts for me.

We share an intimate world that just belongs to us.

He's in the smile I smile every day and a strength or comfort in the moments that aren't very smiley.

A simple guy that knows what's important. He can be giddy like a schoolboy, funny as all get out, loveable and sensitive but also encompasses so much depth, wisdom and integrity.

(oh, I know you love that I put this crazy pic of you on here...ha.)

It's a life and love that is pure, right, and connected at a level that is only from God.

22 years and counting, babe. The best has only started to begin.

xo. xo. xo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little about Lauren.

Okay, I suppose I am on a roll here with blogging about my sweetie's.

You might know this one. She is a forever blonde-headed darling of a soul.

Quiet, introverted, fearful and not much to say or smile about.
Ah, but not so. Not so. It's all a misinterpretation you see...

Let me get this straight.

First of all, Lauren loves everyone whole. With all her heart. She wears her heart on her sleeve all the time. She writes notes and leaves them EVERYWHERE in case you didn't hear her or she wants to tell you something. Seriously, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

She really has no fear. I think I have mentioned in here that she has never been fearful of creepy, crawly creatures of the land. In fact just last week she said in the calmest voice..."Daddy, there's a snake in our hall." (Who does that?) And indeed, there was a slithery, tongue-whipping SNAKE IN OUR HALL!

(I will spare you the picture of the slimy thing.)

She'll go past the limits and be the first to try without hesitation. I know you don't see this, but trust me...we do! We were talking about getting the girls on some skies this winter and mentioned that Aunt Heather (of whom is awesome on a snowboard) can teach her to snowboard. "What do you think about that, Lauren?" She says, "No. I will just teach myself."

She has the wildest, tenderest imagination and is crazy smart.

Thinks on her own. Especially with her wardrobe. (Oh yes- quite a Mommy/Lauren battle at times.)

Sensitive? Yes. Stubborn? Yes. Crazy in love with a furry thing we call Polly? Oh yes.

A heart full to give? A snuggler? Funny? Yeppers.

She's a Momma's-girl you can say. I love our connection. I love her for who she is and excited for who she is becoming. 
I love her smile that is as big as a watermelon slice and her giggle that lights up the day.

                                    So in love with every bit.

ps. I guess I will continue the pattern here. Next time it is the fabulous man of my life (that someone I call Josh). 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


                            It's  just another ordinary  miracle today.

Monday, April 12, 2010

April happenings with Hannah

Hannah working so diligently on her Easter egg decorations (you know how we love traditions in our fam). She always puts a little "extra" into everything she does. Check out the concentration- ha.

I need to start slipping her a dollar or two because she walks (uh, rather runs) Polly to tire her out often for me after school and...even in an Easter outfit.

Every girl should have a big sis like Hannah.

Being that she is sweeter than honey, she doesn't really have an aggressive bone in her body. She just loves getting out there on the soccer field with her bff... wind in her hair...sun on her cheeks... and having F-U-N.

Okay- a monumental day. The first time baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies all by herself. (And even that awful part of cleaning up too, ya know.) They were delicious. Swim suit season coming up for Momma? Ah, forget it.

(know you are reading this, you...xo)

This little girl of ours in not really much of a little girl anymore. She is learning about the world around her and discovering and learning about herself daily. 

I bought a smallish shirt for myself the other day and Hannah tried it on last night. It fit perfect-n-looked adorable. She's wearing it to school today. 
(sniff. sniff.)

I want to freeze her.


What a precious gift and honor to be a part of this as a mother and friend. 

Hannah is every dream I could have ever imagined in a daughter.

I never knew that a big part of my heart was missing until she came along. 

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