Monday, July 22, 2013

summer stuff: part one

So since I don't do facebook and post pictures on there...I will accumulate them and put them on here...eventually! Here are some May and June and July pictures. The girls did a piano recital...they rocked solo songs and a duet together. I have NOT A SINGLE musical note in my body- so I am always in awe and proud proud proud of them.

Flowers for a fabulous recital and commitment, hard work, fab-u-lous teacher too!

Tyler's birthday. He's growing too fast! sniffle sniffle

I'd say this was a Mothers' day breakfast...but it was just a random "feelin' like makin' Mama breakfast in bed..." Thanks sweetie Lauren! (breakfast for a champion fer sure!)

Mother's day. Love my Mom. Love being a Mama!



Father's day

Daddy made me a big cedar planter box for our patio- for a raised garden. 

So far to date= 
Only a few teeny tiny tomatoes.
Asparagus- not well.
Lettuce- not even sprouted.
Cucumbers- dead.
Squash- is there hope? 
Mr. Basil- thriving!
I don't know what happened to my Texas gardening green-ish thumb.
Not working here.

Stay tuned. More photos piled up. 
Until later, friends/fam.

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