Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter time-

Easter time came quickly it seems this year. Poof... it was here! We enjoyed our traditional artistic ambitions with egg coloring this year. Lauren won the most comes so easy to her and she always shines with confidence! And yes, one of the eggs is 'the ugly egg'. That would be one of mine (hey, there is always one!).
We remembered (and chuckled about) Dad's famous decorated egg he would always do... he would spend forever on it and it was always the funniest and strangest!

We had our first meal (and holiday) at Mom's house on Sunday since October...and it was as difficult as I thought it would be. Dad was missed deeply once again in so many ways. Just as my mom wrote to me this morning... "our healing moves at its own pace...we have the memories with Dad to reflect on and they will always be a part of us....and we are blessed because of them."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break week-

Spring is on the horizon- and we are sooo welcoming it! With the delightful weather...we hung around town this week. We hit ChuckECheese's for pizza and games, met up with some friends at the zoo, just plain goofed around a bit, and I went into the big D for some eating&shoppin' 'till droppin' with Marla on Friday! My mom took the girls for that day/night and Josh & I later went on a relaxing date.

Yesterday we stayed in the sun all day... went bike riding, to the Azalea fair, and later had a backyard campfire under the stars. Oh, so blessed to share a good week like this- the moments are just priceless.

Here's a few pictures...
(check out the pic of these "love birds"- they were always stuck together, and smooching!)

You go girl!

Hannah learns how to ride her bike on Thursday! She shortly switched her bike for a smaller bike from her best friend in the neighborhood...felt comfortable, and took off!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Announcing my new ART BLOG-

I am now officially in "blog-world" with you all! I still haven't figured out how you can comment on this Foster's blog....but will keep looking for that button! Nonetheless, the days seem to pass way too quickly and I am wanting to remember the smiles and joy that is offered in each and every day for all of us. (And thank you to Mandi for starting great to read the happenings of everyone!)

Okay, for the past several months I have been trying to figure out how to create a fairly different and fun website to display my art images. Well...forget it! I got too frustrated and said "uuuugh"! So I decided to place those images on another BLOG instead!

Knowing all the emotions and exhaustion the past 6 months or so...I have finally decided that I am ready to start painting again. I am excited to get started on my "global attempts" to begin my small business. And with God's grace (that has been with me through it all) I am putting my creative ambitions out there!

These pictures are very much a modge-podge (and certainly not the most professional pics I must say!) of canvas art I have done for friends, my daugthers, etc. (But hey, it's a start.....)

Take a look- and pass this website along to any mom or mom-to-be for me!
(You can click my link on the left side of this blog)
Love and hugs to all.... stacey

Saturday, March 1, 2008

February with the Foster's

Josh has been working on a mud-room/organization station off our gargage lately...and it is just great. We have a big "family calendar" in it and I was just wiping off the dry-erase for February...and whew, what a month!

It started with a Stampin'Up party (love it!) and a hootin' and hollerin' Superbowl party with our church friends. Then Josh's brother David and wife Juliet came from Ohio for some sunshine and relaxation around Valentines day. It was great catching up and I loved getting to know wonderful Juliet. Our family was a bit out of sorts during their visit 'cuz poor Lauren had her adenoids out/tubes in ears surgery...and boy, she was such a trooper! Mommy was a mess! Well, little L was just feeling better and we went to a local park here to get some sunshine on our faces. Looking quite confident and sassy...she took off on her glider (helmet on of course!!) and biffed it on the hill. Oh yes, off to the emergency room for stitches and to see if she fractured her jaw. Again, she was such a big girl and... geez, has really gotten comfortable with doctors lately (heavens, she has seen so many this winter!).

Josh's folks came this last week and they got to enjoy Hannah's party, hang out, and enjoy the weather. We drove into the big D and went to the American Girl Place. Oh, oh, and precious! We had lunch at the bistro (with the dolls too!),saw the dolls get their hair done (yep!) and we held onto our wallets!

Well, that is it in a nutshell for "Whuuut the February?" and we are off to March....

Come to where fairies roam!

We celebrated Hannah's 8th with six of her "fairy best" friends on the 22nd. I talked to Renae and was telling her how precious it was...and she said "Stac, you need to get a blog and post some of the pictures!"

So... hello to my fellow friend bloggers and to all my far away friends and family. I am excited to have finally taken the time to figure this computer stuff out and share it with you all!(I think this can and perhaps will...get addicting!)

Hannah's party was the most adorable site- with glitter everywhere (fairy dust that is!) and wings fluttering around the house...what a sweet memory to never forget!
Check out this picture of some of the girls. And of course, my mom is continuing tradition in cake making/decorating for both the girls birthdays. Love it, Mom...had to show it off!

Okay, I am off to do another post of our frazzled (but fun, too) February!

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