Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The many faces of Josh.

So it was birthday time in July for my man.

We had to celebrate!

He wanted to keep it simple.

He wasn't so sure about the number 42.

We decided it was just a number.
He is still 10 inside sometimes.

And I am still head over heels about this guy.

His sassyness.
His stud muffin ways.
His thumbs up attitude.

Especially that smile.

Whew. Time for a siesta. It's not easy getting older.

 I know this blog post is so was really happening this summer for our fam.
These pictures were from the girls getting a hold of the camera.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Superman.

It was Daddy's Day. 
Lauren did this super fun drawing for our SUPERMAN!

He loves big. 
With his big heart.

He plays big.
Like a little kid stuck in a big kid body.

He always always always makes us smile big.
Our silly superman.

Here's all of our SUPERMEN.
What would we do without Dad's?

Near, far, here or there...
They really are SUPER beyond words.

The Foster's ended their trip with hearing the girls piano recital.
They rocked it again.
It totally amazes me to no end.
A bit splishy and splashy thrown in....

Then POOF: it's July.
Fourth of July cake.
Can't NOT do it.

Fireworks and family fun.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Let's make fire.

After some play. Some chowin' on some dogs....

It was getting time for FIRE.

Off the get some twigs.
Some sticks.
Some leaves.
Some logs.

We needed to keep this thing going!

Boys are born with an internal desire to make fire.

I'm convinced of it.

So the big boys headed out for some more wood.

And came back with,


Us ladies were like....

And then we totally laughed our butts off.

Now to cut.
use man power.
feel like a man.

feel the testosterone?

Us ladies were like,
 uh uh. 


Go girl power.

Lauren is 12.

She invited a few close friends to our new paint-your-own-pottery-place in our little downtown...

they went to town on cuteness...
Here is what Hannah and I did.

Lauren did a colorful abstract bunny.
She was in her happy place painting.

Then the the pool for some more happiness.

Happy with gobs of cheesy pizza.

Special day.
Not over yet.....
Off to camping for the weekend to celebrate with the fam.

To eat.

To play.
To open.

To snuggle.

To blow candles.
Thanks Nana- you totally always ROCK with your birthday cakes.
Lauren is a flip flop girl for sure!

We love you L-train.
Oodles and oodles and oodles, precious one.


                                                        Hannah= goodbye Middle School.
Hello High School.

Lauren= goodbye Elementary School.
Hello Middle School.

We'll miss our classes,
And our friends,
We'll miss the sunny smiles,
That all the teachers had to give us
through the long hard miles.
We'll miss the happy atmosphere,
We'll miss the friendly faces,
But we're moving on the middle school,
And going to new places.
We're moving on in life today,
And we will never forget,
All you guys at Clear Sky,
And all the love you gave.
- Skyler Gray

We had a lovely day at Lauren's graduation. 
(Hannah didn't have a big graduation- it's just a big 6th grade one here) 
I was holding back the tears at times. 
I am over moon proud of where these girls have come. 
Who they desire to be. 
Who they are today.

Lauren was awarded some big stuff for high academics. Biggest of all was...


(Um. yes. can I say teary eyes with this one for me?)

Saying goodbye to a dear friend moving= some tears.

She has this precious circle of sweet friends= happiness.

Love and hugs and tears and laughter and all good things that day.

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