Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Stacey news~

Hey there friends, family, and blogger buddies! I finally did another post on here- hooray!

I also wanted to let you all know of some changes to come for me and art. God has been really working on my heart in this area- and I am thrilled about a decision. You all can go ahead and take my art blog (Flutterby) out of your list of blogs. In the next few weeks, I am planning on doing something very different. This fall I am doing an e-commerce website- which is a site that will easily let someone (anyone!) purchase directly off the site. I want to be BIGGER and really have a much more professional "boutique" look for some new simple art/designs. I am planning to have "samples" online to be personalized. I will no longer put emphasis on "custom pieces". I still want to customize- but just in a different and easier way. You'll see.

Along with this website, probably the biggest news with my art is that I am planning on doing Canton Trade Days. Those of you here know...oh, yes. I am registering/getting evaluated for a booth in the we will see. If not- then Trade Centers will be a good start.
I am nervous but also feeling a fire in my belly- and prepared to work my bootie off. Soooo, God-willing...I am praying (you can too!)and hoping that this will work out for November and December.

Summary of summer!

Some have told me that once you have kiddos in grade school, the years fly by. Well, it is TRUE! It is beyond me that I will have a first and third grader this year!

Some summertime to Co., swimming/sprinkler fun, tackled a reading chart, baking some yummies, girlie sleepover, VBS, going green and started recycling, shopping, soccer camp, playing and more playing, friends & parties, tubing/lake, and just loved not being scheduled and simply hangin' out with two of my most favorite cutie's in the world---

Here's to a great, brand new 2008-2009 school year everybody...
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