Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We have fun in the fam.

Pretty much every time we are together.

A whole bunch of turkey's is what we are.

And how do I LOVE my crazy turkey's.

Someone got a hold of my phone!

Turkey, anyone?!

Steve has always had a hearty appetite. (!!)

These fabulous faces filled my phone.

We aren't ALL turkey's....


So so soooo much to be thankful for.

Halloween crazy.

First you get serious. Seriously inspired. 
(Ha! Look at Josh's face!)

Then you get serious about all the darn goop ya gotta dig out.

After while, you get frustrated... and then take your anger out on your pumpkin.
Clearly, Hannah and I have anger issues.
This was our pumpkin!



Then you put your dog in a cow costume.
Clearly, Polly is SO excited to have this on.
(She's like...really people? ...REALLY?)

Then your nephews come over to save the world as Captain America and Thor.
(Aren't they the best?)

Lauren as Elsa. Then her sweet friends as Anna and Olaf!

The Marvel characters to the rescue!
Heather as Cat Woman and Steve as Tony Stark/Ironman.
They always rock the costumes!

Here's us. Me as crazy cat lady...Josh whatever...and my mom came as a cat.
Had a cat theme goin' on I suppose!

Then the crazy came out.

We had fun with masks...

And the Thor wig!

Crazy amount of candy came out.

Sorted and traded....

Then crazy neighbors came out.
(NO they aren't that crazy!! kiddin'!)


We celebrated our anniversary on a cruise with Josh's folks. We went on the most ginormous cruise ship "Oasis of the Seas" in October for the girls fall break.
This ship was unbelievable.

                  We celebrated being all together. The good food, good environment, good company...
We celebrated Sylvia's birthday one night...

We celebrated the AMAZING shows...

We celebrated silly...

and fun...

and fancy...
We celebrated Josh rockin' the surfing!

We celebrated the cute lil' animals greeting us at night...

We celebrated the islands...

The palm trees...

The relaxing...

We celebrated seeing Wes and Lara when we got back to Ft. Lauderdale.

Celebrated brothers...

One more dip into a pool...
The ocean!

One more chill at a beach.

Unfortunately...these things we didn't celebrate: 
Mama getting so sick; in bed for a couple days.
The rain and thunder for a few days.
The icky snorkeling and cold in Cozumel.
Sisters that didn't really get along the greatest.
The airports and flights.

Hello fancy Vail.

We took a little weekend away for a night on the weekend of our anniversary. We headed up to Vail...just the two of us a few hours from here. It was so fun. We walked, we talked, we soaked in the hot tub, we cheered, we giggled...we loved every moment being in one of the most favorite places we like to be together....

The outdoors.

Vail is like another little continent. It is so fancy with all the stores and fancy food and fancy people walking around.

We aren't too fancy or big shoppers for fancy things.

So we hiked.

And took selfies.

And posed after a gondola ride and hike.

And brought back the many memories that we love so much through the past 20 years together married....

Outside together.

In God's masterpiece.

(Taking another, with a selfie stick. Oh help us. We certainly aren't in the 80's anymore!)

Friday, December 4, 2015

The girls.

Bear with me. I am SO behind on blogging!
Here are some pics.
Some old.
 Some new.

You get the idea.

Okay, we have arrived in our house....

I call it payback.
I call it full circle.
I call it my daughter, Lauren.
Just like her mama when I was her age.

We didn't get a bunch of camping in this year. 
So here we are...bearing the cold.

Josh getting friendly with Mr. Wilson when he was camping all by his lonesome.
He texted this to us warm girls- saying he was having great conversation with Wilson!

We fight them. Hate them. Have too many of them.
New rule: There will be ZERO dishes in BOTH sides of the sink.
If you use it, you rinse it and stick it in the dishwasher.

Didn't last. 
So here we are.

Starbucks...oh how teenagers love you.

Such a welcome sign to wake up to!

This was our second winter storm.
It wasn't even December yet here, people.
We need to brace ourselves for a rough snowy winter I suppose.

Daddy brought home some warm, cozy onesie jammies for us!
We will live in them all day and eventing. 
So be prepared when you come to visit.

Precious friends.

Silly is a good thing!

Hearts all around. (Cute pic you 4 girlies!)

Enforce, encourage...lift your littles up! 


We did prompt Steve/Heather to dog sit for Miss Polly:)

We didn't get much boating in this year either. Boo hoo.
But did have an afternoon to hit the waves.

Pure joy.

Sweet time all around.

Especially for Captain Josh.
(Captain John would be so proud of him taking care of his boat with Steve.)

Good babysitters!

So here's the thang...... 

ONE YEAR passes and all of a sudden....
you look at your babies school picture,

tear up a tad...

and realize,

they are not babies anymore.

(Enjoy your kiddos. It flies by.)

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