Friday, February 24, 2012

happy heart day!

Lemme tell ya, we typically really don't do much for Valentine's. I don't know- Josh has always said that "Valentine's Day is everyday..."aaaaw. 
Don't get me wrong- I love pink, hearts, chocolate, love notes, flowers and on though! 
For some reason this year we did up "heart day".
Every year we make our cards. So typical for the Foster fam...we started them the night before. Kept it simple and sweet. Afterall the girls are getting older, no more Winnie the Pooh or Dora Explorer!

We also started and finished chocolate covered pretzels. 
Just dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate, add sprinkles, put in a long pretzel bag and wrap with a ribbon and card. 
ta-da! (makes a mess, be prepared.)

Hannah went to the orthodontist for another evaluation a bit back. The dentist wanted to start her on braces. She was so excited and decided she wanted to get them on Valentine's day and get PINK braces.
So here we are, the start of 2 years of braces! Yikes.
(oh yes, Momma had another full circle moment seeing her in that teary. I knew exactly what she was feeling. It feels like she just lost her first tooth yesterday!)

Got heart shaped pizzas. 
Lauren had to be silly...

Josh told me that he was "taking me somewhere" for the weekend. He told me to buy a dress (what, he knows I am a jeans/tshirt girl...this must be something fancy!) He didn't tell me where. 
After bugging him to death all week, he told me we were going to the Broadmore in Co. Springs. 
It is so old and lovely. Still the same architecture etc when the five star/five diamond resort opened in 1918. It was beautiful, nostalgic, grand and pure luxury. We saw the wall of the many famous people who have stayed there. We felt like stars ourselves. Below was the view from our room- overlooking the lake and mountains. It even had a television in the bathroom near the jacuzzi. Really?

We chilled by a ton of fireplaces, we played checkers, had cocktails, sat in the whirlpool outside (in 30 degree temp), walked, and ate at the old tavern and the enormously grand brunch buffet on Sunday.
Short, sweet and special.
 Going away with just your man is awesome. You laugh, snuggle and remember why you fell in love with your Valentine in the first place. No interruptions, no work, no gets you back where you are supposed to be with the guy you have always been crazy about.

Monday, February 6, 2012

blizzard weekend 101

1. Have your big brother call you and tell you that 24-33 inches of snow will be coming on Friday. (!!)
2. Have your big bro tell you to get to the store like everyone else to get bread, milk. Maybe chicken. Beer? 
3. Wake up at 4 am to check if your kiddos have school, then hop back in bed to sleep in!
4. Wake up to a bright, wintery snow-falling wonderland.

5. Find everything warm you own to put on.
6. Grab sleds and waddle over to a big hill to wipe out big time and exhaust yourself.
7. Get out of breath and realize you can't feel your toes or hands anymore.
8. Make real rich hot cocoa with milk, eat soup, do crafts.
9. Cozy up. Have big brother and family over to eat frozen pizzas.

10. The man of the house: Shovel. Shovel. Shovel. 
11. Shovel too much and hurt your back.
12. Bond with all your neighbors with tee-shirts on outside shoveling and playing.

13. On day two: Say hello Mr. Sunshine and dig holes in the big snow mounds (with the help of the man of the house).
Then....start thinking how you can afford a snow blower, then shovel more.

14. Eat the snow. 
15. Throw the snow.
16. Lay in the snow with sunglasses.
17. Get constantly frustrated with your stinky dog covered in the snow when she's outside.

18. Be kinda happy/sad when the sun is still out: more melting.
19. Stay warm and marvel at the beauty and fun of mother nature.
20. Go to a friends dinner party and have Grandma watch your kiddos.

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