Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hermie and Bubbles.

"How many miles, days and effort does it take to buy a pet?"
(Even if you have already had a dog, hamster... and currently have fish and a dog.)
1. Beg and plead with Mom and Dad for months for a new pet.
2. Ask for a dog, cat, iguana, snake (yes, Lauren), hamster, ferret, bird.
3. Mom and Dad say NO because we take care of them in the long run.
4. Begging and pleading get old and Mom and Dad (mainly Mom) cave in.
5. Enormous smiles/grand excitement because we agree on a hermit crab.
6. Children go on the computer for hours to research all about hermit crabs.
7. Parents say they're not helping ONE bit or spending ONE penny on them.
8. Drive to Petco, no hermit crabs.
9. Drive to PetSmart #1, no hermit crabs.
10. Children are sad and moping around like a lost puppy.
11. Parents try to be supportive and encouraging.
12. Children look online for a hermit crab. No luck.
13. Disappointment once again lasting for several days.
14. A week later, run errands and need dog food- stop in PetSmart #2.
15. Children decide they don't want pretty painted ones. They will paint their own.
16. Children look at hermit crabs and finally decide to go-for-it. Mom sighs.
17. Make a choice along w/all their housing needs after way too long at the pet store.
18. Children fork over $30 cash each=crazy happy faces. Joy in their hearts.
19. Then children worry about them being in the car too long.
20. Absolute pure joy when home and name them "Hermie" and "Bubble's."
21. Set up their homes carefully. Still in awe and parents know they will soon outgrow the joy.
22. Make mess of kitchen table playing w/them and feeding them corn flakes.
23. Put them up in their room.
24. Forget about them.*
25. Realize they are not fun anymore. Complete neglect happening here, people.

*Mom/Dad are hoping they are still alive so they don't stink up the entire upstairs.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Etsy sellers

 I started my Etsy shop in October of last year. It's been fun- and was crazy busy over the holidays. I have busy weeks and then not so busy one's. All in all, it's been great to be online and I have had awesome exposure with not advertising one bit.
I have done many of the ever-popular name signs. The Winnie the Pooh (classic and Disney style) have been a hit, teacher name signs and these one's below have sold the best. I did this flower one above for the girls bathroom...put it on Etsy as a sample... and is sold so quickly. I just kept it super simple and put words on it that I wanted them to read when they were getting ready. Sweetness!

Then I thought- birth stats! These have also been a hit and such a special baby gift to give. I did one for a new mom and she said she cried over it when she got it because it was just precious to receive as a gift.
Very custom and something to cherish forever. 

This one made ME teary. It was a huge canvas. The mom wrote a love letter to her daughter on it. Talk about precious. Her daughter will grow up with these beautifully written words from her mom.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring break and Easter happenings

The girls had TWO weeks for spring break a couple weeks ago. On week two, Daddy decided he had some work to do in his New Mexico stores, soooo we HAD to go with him. Daddy works, we play. There's something not right about that. We got caught in a blizzard on the way down (after sunny 70's/80's the week before). Well, it didn't stop us from swimming when flurries were coming down.

It was cold, wet...but we hit some shops and galleries in Santa Fe. This one was a favorite- originals of Looney Tunes/Tom&Jerry, Dr. Seuss in the Chuck Jones gallery.

Went to the oldest church structure in the U.S. 

Went into the oldest home in the U.S. 
very cool.

of course, ate is us at one of our favs

Headed to Albuquerque Hard Rock hotel.
very cool.

egg dyeing/decorating at Uncle Steve's

church, egg hunt and yummo dinner at Nana's

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