Monday, September 28, 2009

"Keepin' Austin Weird"

It's been a whole-lotta work, work, work and not a whole-lotta play around here lately- soooooo...Anniversary weekend here we come. We had a blast and really went along with the slogan "Keep Austin Weird". We felt right at home in this very vibrant, eclectic and creative city. The unique arts/music scene was indeed a tad weird but we went along with it and found ourselves...
... individually expressing ourselves at the TX capital building (before reading the sign that said "stay off the tree"- oops)

...enjoying the original arts on the streets

...loved the "urban-chic" restaurants filled with fab live music and very unique (and expensive!) artwork

The famous 6th Street and it's "arts". In fact, it was the Pecan Street Arts festival this weekend. (um, it is true that 6th St. is an experience in itself!)

ate & ate and... geez, there were a ton of restaurants and one-of-a-kind shops

...had a chilly concoction for our overheated bodies (& achy bottoms!) from biking the entire city for 3 hours. Surprisingly beautiful city lake trails and streets...and biked until we couldn't go anymore.

(We actually got very lucky to do this because all the streets were blocked off for a marathon, but they weren't cheering us on because we didn't look as half as exhausted as these runners!)

We would definitely go back.

A city like no other- with a best friend like no other.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

loved you yesterday...

love you still...

Always have.

Always will.

Each day a little more.

Happy September 23rd, babe.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Lauren's not too wiggly tooth decided to come out while eating an apple this weekend. She was as surprised as we were...and glad that she found it in her apple, rather that swallowing it!

We heard from a special friend that if you put your tooth in the bottom of a glass bowl with water in it, the tooth fairy will have to "dive down" a bit and might leave the color of her wings in the water. Well, this fairy sure took a dip. Pink wings of course...and left some glitter. Uh huh.

Needless to say, fairy-land takes over our home at times these days. Check out the questions above that our little fairy left. She's a girl that knows what she wants...ha-- $100 bucks! (Although not a bit disappointed with $2) I love the sweet, innocent imagination.

They're only little once!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

new watercolor class

I have been blessed with some creative souls that have beautifully entered my days these past couple weeks. I started this watercolor class with 6 amazing women yesterday at an "artist retreat" oasis tucked away not too far from our house.

I have so many watercolors (stashed, stacked & needing frames) upstairs from taking from a male artist in town and his male friends; of whom were twice my age for about 3 years. This new class is all ladies with kindred spirits wanting to create and encourage eachother. The instructor is incredible and so experienced. I am inspired and my spirit has been touched. Gimme a paintbrush!

Debbie ( is starting us on this piece. Excited because I have never painted glass before.

Here is the first drawing and wash. We plan on painting in many translucent "layers" and beautiful details.

Monogrammed canvas

I finished this last night. It is a fun, whimsy design for a sweet little girls room. The mom is putting her girls together and I coordinated the Pottery Barn daisy bedding with the 24x36 canvas~

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