Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break week-

The girls camped out in our backyard- and did get a small amount of shut-eye with a full moon and all the critters chirping! Mommy opted to enjoy a warm comfy bed all by herself after a little while...aaaahh. Then the rain came the next day. It rained here ALL week. Kind of a bummer.

Hannah was such a trooper getting FOUR teeth pulled at the dentist this week. Oh, it was much harder on Mommy! Here she is with the glasses she got at our dentist. You are such a SUPER STAR!
The next day we spent with girlfriends seeing the movie "Velveteen Rabbit" (precious!) at the theatre and then lunch & shopping. The tooth fairy left $10 for all those teeth... and she got to spend it along with some from distant fairy $ (aka Grandma's).

Josh was on a mission to build a bluebird house for our furry friends in the backyard-- and he had such lovely assistants.

What a BLAST it was bowling with special friends. We had the whole place to ourselves and started off with bowling and ended with ping-pong and fooze-ball while it poured all day outside.
Then to end the week off we went to Jumpin' Jacks bounce house with the Germanys as well...and um, enough said about that- just ask me what happened. uh.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where did our baby go?

1. We love how funny you are and your very sweet and tender heart.

2. You still have the cutest giggle that makes everyone around you giggle!

3. We can't get enough of your tight, warm hugs that brighten even the cloudiest days.

4. We love the way you give to others.

5. We love your shining confidence.

6. We love the way you can make friends so easy and how you lovingly take care of lil' sis.

7. We love the way you can take the smallest thing and create an entire day of play out of it. So much imagination!

8. We are proud of you working so hard at everything you do.

9. Love that every teacher you have every year wants to take you home with them! (but you're all ours!!)

Happiest Birthday, sweetheart. May God continue to bless you on His amazing journey for you. We are always so very proud of you and love you more and more every year that passes. (is that possible?)

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