Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love day.

Here is a picture of Josh and I on our first Valentine's Day together. Josh made me this frame. It was a real working clock! I was so impressed. He spent so much time on it and it went straight to my heart. 

It was 1989 and we were only together 5 months or so. 
I was falling hard.

We always haven't done a ton for Valentine's day. We always said to eachother that Valentine's should be every day. Right? Love day... everyday. 

Flowers, notes, special dinners, sweet talk, get the idea....SHOULD be more than just once a year. 

He still writes me notes in surprising places.

He still makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the universe.
He still helps me laugh and be silly every day.
He still wraps me in his warm love.
He still cooks special meals. (Especially this Valentine's.)
He still takes me on dates.
He still treats me like a lady.
We are still strong and balanced together.
He still takes me on adventures on this crazy journey of life.
He still lets me dream big.

He is still my very best friend.

I still see the heavens in his eyes.

I am still the luckiest girl ever.

And still crazy in love.

More than ever.

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