Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Most of you who know me, know the big time importance and value of friends and family in my life (and I journal about them most on this blog!). I am definitely head over heels for these special people. Here are the last pics of the holidays. They were filled with memories to last, warm hugs and everlasting laughter.

I mean, look at these pictures that were on my camera.
We ALWAYS have a ton of fun together, always.
Belly laughing fun I tell ya.

yes, that is root beer.

Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!

the girls got the coolest sled for Christmas, so we had to try it out!

we had some CUTE sledders join us. 
Tyler couldn't move to well, but he sure looked ADORABLE and had fun-ha!

We went to Copper Mountain last weekend. All the slopes are just about one and a half hour from where we live, so c'mon and see us sometime in the winter everybody! Josh got a season pass for us to enjoy Copper. It was -5 degrees when we arrived in the morning. I was like..."reeeealllly??"
We didn't hesitate to put something like 500 layers on.

Daddy used to be a big skier and taught skiing through high school, so he was the girls perfect instructor! I also ski....but we took it sloooow, stayed warm for the most part.... and they rocked it!

I love everything about mountain/ski towns--we had a blast hittin' the beginner slopes 
(despite the fact that I couldn't move for several days after! Pathetic I know.)

our little snow bunnies were troopers

COLD. cold. cold.

A splendid and blessed Christmas indeed!

Tristan's angelic face framed in candlelight on Christmas Eve
Tyler, the candle gatherer
Snowflakes in the air
Decorations everywhere
Yummy food, drink and too many sweets!
The laughs -  and maybe some tears
The dog outfits
Glistening snow on Christmas morning
All those presents!
All that wrapping paper!
OMG... all those presents!
Uncle Josh - the big Tease
Two beautiful tweens that are getting so grown up
Two adorable toddlers that keep everyone on their toes
The cooks and BBQers
More yummy food, drink and too many sweets!
Family love and togetherness.
                      -written by Nana 
                                                          Let the Christmas Marathon begin:
aaaw, the dreamy innocence and wonder

Round 1: Christmas Eve church service and yumminess with the whole fam at the Jones'

Round two: our house, gifts from Santa and far away family

our Flash!

Round 3: off to the Whiting's to open....

special presents

useful presents

needed presents
special handmade presents (from Lauren!)

big presents

inventive presents

remembering Dad presents

Round 4: Christmas Day yumminess at our pad

The precious, precious GIFT of family.
What matters the most.

We are blessed a zillion times over.
And over again.

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