Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...our critters and creatures

We have this huge prairie land in our back yard filled with coyote cries, ugly gigantic hogs and moo's from big mama cows and their babies. What an adventure it is to have the girls exposed to so many critters and creatures outside! I think we have had it all... from moles (those pesky things!), squirrels and more squirrels (those pesky things!), fat/green caterpillars, snakes, wild guard dogs, and I often say that we have a wild array of birds in the "bird sanctuary" in our yard too. (Josh likes to take care of our flying furry friends.) Here are a couple cool pictures of some of our jumpers, crawlers and creatures that inhabit our surroundings...

Delicate, sweet Lauren has never been afraid of spiders or any freaky creature of the land! Josh took this awesome picture of her...too cool. (My apologizes to those of you that squirm at the sight of these!)

                    So many frogs...check out this grumpy old man!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Come see me!

Bullard First United Methodist Church
                                                        Family Life Center
                                                    204 S. Rather in Bullard
                                                         Show: 10am-5pm

I will be at this show selling my watercolor/ink illlustrations this Saturday! It is a fine art show honoring the of life artist, Genny Wood, and benefits the Mission House of Bullard. It will be held during Bullard's Red, White and Blue Festival. Returning local artists will be featured as well as new artists as far away as New Mexico. 20% of the proceeds from each sale will benefit the Mission House of Bullard to help those in need, offering a food pantry, a clothes closet, and medical clinic.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Traditions. I love them. I love the warm, comfortable and familiar feeling every year remembering them and all the years behind them with family and friends throughout the holidays. They are what is kept all sweet and hidden in our hearts- forever special only to us.

My mom has always enjoyed Halloween in some way or another. Not in a ghost and goblin way of course. (nooo, you didn't see her hiding with a mask on to scare anyone behind the cobwebs or whatever!) She had the house decorated fall-ish, we often did a crafty thing or two, and she always wore some sort of costume on for trick-o-treating. (This year she was "La Nana" with a lovely mustache and mexican hat/poncho...ole!)  It was never just candy that she gave out- she was the "cool" house that gave out yummy Little Debbie cookies that are individually wrapped. And I can't forget her famous homemade chili made every year (that I have gradually grown to taste buds have matured a bit I suppose ;-).

There's been a tradition of having the girls "match" for the past 10 years. The chili was made, the pumpkins were carved by the girls all by themselves this year, and the candy was piled up...and sorted into catagories/traded. (oh c'mon, you remember loving to do that!)

Being "coordinated" as cheerleaders, "The Princess and the Pea", kitty cats, fairies, Dorthy & Toto and this year.... a "98% good witch" and black cat.
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