Monday, February 28, 2011

Not sayin' goodbye. Just "see ya soon"!

The buyers of our home looked at around 48 homes before they saw ours online, came through the door soon after and put an offer in 2 hours later. I think it was magically their home when they first walked in. What's even sweeter is they have two light headed little girls. I remember sweating my panties off with little time to clean but kept saying to myself "if this couple loves this house, they won't care about the big fat dust bunnies, toothpaste stains in the sink, nasty windows..." I guess that peace and instinct was right.

I'm feeling like I can b r e a t h e and at the same time feeling like I'm suffocating in lists, questions and deadlines too. It has been a long 11 months of waiting, trusting and giving it all up to God. Now everything seems to be happening so quickly. We've had this "Colorado dream" softly singing over us for several years actually. Feeling it in our souls (along with prayer and a really nice job that landed into Josh's lap about 6 weeks after my Mom moves out there) a decision was made to go for it. I know that the life we have right now is just the beginning. Many, many more adventures, experiences and opportunities await us. We are ready. It's time to go. It's time to say farewell and we will see you soon, but never bye-bye.

I can't possibly hold all the emotions together. Our walls are getting bare and closets are being organized into boxes. There are big smiles and the easily flowing tears. What I do know is that within the uncertainty this past year my heart has been laced with the most beautiful hope, courage and trust that was being built every single day.

Looking back at the past almost 14 years here overwhelms me such goodness. Josh and I were still freshly married and ready to get out of the town we grew up in Ohio. We went forward, trusted tremendous faith and packed up a tiny U-Haul truck. We knew my folks were down here but we didn't have jobs, a place to live, friends.  It was indeed crazy big faith, but we yearned for a fresh new jump in our step and new beginning. It was without question the best decision we had ever made in our love together. We've seen a lot,  grew up a ton, worked hard, learned and changed by leaps and bounds in this Texas air. In a nutshell: Josh got a teaching job, we became responsible homeowners, started a precious family, built a house, changed jobs, experienced immense loss, pain, hardship, enjoyed an incredible church, had miraculous love enter into our hearts and made the most amazing friendships that will last a lifetime. Big stuff. Big time "roots" here. Our babies are now heading to 6th grade and 4th grade this year. This part of our journey has indeed been a blink of an eye.
A whisper in this lifetime.

Did I mention that it's all too much for my heart to handle at times? Yep.

We are anxiously looking onto the next chapter. The next 14+ years is about looking forward and always looking back with gratitude and love. All of it is so sweetly drenched in the most special memories. We wouldn't trade these years for anything. We wouldn't be who we are today without them. How and why should I/we be scared or nervous about the brand new unseen path before us?
The Lord took us graciously on this lovely Texas road and what a treasure and blessing the next one will be to take a ride on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


She is so lovely both inside and out and is having her 11th birthday today?
I'm feeling excited about who Hannah is right now and who she is to become. I've been such a huge part of her where she has been and often wonder what part I am going to have in the future. I remember in the hospital room when she was only maybe a minute old and she leaned over to gaze at me because she heard my voice. It was the most magical and unforgettable moment. Our eyes locked and it was the beginning her precious life and of my new life and journey as a mother. I have been forever changed since that moment. She was a dream come true. Total and complete love at first sight.

Her freckles, her wide smile, her dreams, desires and giggles that warm anyone's heart is what I love right now. She's organized. A planner. She has the biggest sweet tooth known to man. She worries. She is crazy funny. Loves to relax. Loves to play hard and still loves to pretend. (Yesterday the girls didn't have school, and they wanted to finger paint. Yes!) It all seems to flip and flop back and forth. She's still young and stuck right smack in between being a little girl and a teen.

She's not too sure and not knowing what to feel sometimes. Apparently all this is normal and these days it is called being a beautiful, blossoming "tween".

Where? Did? The? Years? Go?

She's a piece of me and I love that she is an even bigger piece and reminds me of her Daddy.

She's adored in every way by everyone in her life and a splendid part of exactly who God made her to be. I've been so in love and will forever be trying enjoy and cherish every moment and do what I can to make this journey of hers just how it should be.  
Dreamy and fun....beautiful and full of love.

Just like her.

Friday, February 11, 2011

February randomness

"Life is like a box of chocolates. 
                 You never know what you're gonna get." -Forrest Gump

It's cold and flurry...everywhere. Got Ohio-blood in me, so I can take it. (Sometimes.)

Our little pooch is prepared!

We go to get juicy burgers at Smashburger every time Daddy is gone- been there alot lately, so it's tradition now. 

Missing Daddy.

Did I mention missing Daddy? Yea. He left love notes (and jewelry:) under random things for me. He's been texting me to "look in the tea bag container in the pantry" and "look under the lamp by the yellow chair" etc. etc. every night this week. Romantic? Uh huh. I'm still fallin' head over heels. 

Speaking of loooove. We created some quick Valentine yummies. Found these on the link "UCreate" on the left of my blog. Just pretzels with Hershey kisses melted a bit on top and squeeze a peanut butter filled m'n'm on top.        Bathing suit season yet? I doooon't think so.

Patient Polly. She had eye surgery last week. She's our baaaaby.

One last BIG not-so-random thing:
(a family fell in L-O-V-E with our sweet haven and after a week of slooow negotiations which means happy, sad, smiles, tears, nervous, ready...overwhelmed on all levels possible, really)
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