Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Part 5: random thoughts

Random things I've come to know or reminded of lately: Part 5
-Miracles happen every day.
-Life is fragile and can change in a split second.
-A huge deer with an 8-pt rack can total a car.
-Your child can tell you new ways to use an iphone (of which you've used for years).
-A husband that often brings you breakfast in bed is a keeper.
-Sisters love eachother one minute and want to strangle eachother the next.
-It is really hard to bake at 6500 ft of altitude.
-Pinterest oh Pinterest, you are a fascinating black hole to get stuck in.
-Dr. Dennis Gross facial peels, etc will dramatically change your skin for the better.
-Organic coconut oil is superb for dry skin. (And BONUS- you can pretend you are at the beach!)
-I love love love Lush products.
-You are officially old if you look forward to watching Wheel of Fortune and/or Jeopardy.
-Get a good piano teacher for your kids. They will surprise you how amazingly they can play.
-My hubby makes me smile every. single. day.
-In the heat of motherhood? Is your child three or almost thirteen? Same heat.
-It's okay to be scared and confused sometimes. We all are.
-Yoga and pilates can (and will) kick your butt.
-When Daddy/husband travels almost every week for work= tough.
-If you listen to a lot of 80's music, your kids will eventually know all of them and sing along.
-An indulgent vacation with best friends is purely priceless.
-Leave responsible kids at home and trust them- you might be surprised when you come home to a clean kitchen, dog bathed and bathed girls!
-Encourage and let your husband enjoy what he is passionate about.
It's important.
-Many of us need 9+ hours of sleep regularly to function properly.
That would include ME.
-We ARE going to a beach- ANY beach- in 2013.
-Having an Etsy business rocks and a HUGE part of each and every one of my days.
-At times there are too many female hormones circulating and colliding in our home. It just happens.
-We love getting letters from our little girl, Hellen in South America. (Compassion International)
-Sometimes I believe that my Dad is rocking on our front porch with me.
-Give kids the real facts, then let them make their own decisions.
-Everything you put online is very public. Be aware and careful. Creepy, really.
-A tidy house is a good thing. Clean house? That's another thing.
-I am still growing up. Aren't we all?!
-I am secretly kind of excited to turn 40 soon. I know, crazy... but the best is yet to be! Riiiiight?
-I love and delight in the marvelous layers I have in my friendships.
-The perfect pair fitting jeans are at American Eagle. (the slim boot)
-Believe it when someone tells you to enjoy your kids because they grow up too fast.
-Is it just me, or did the holiday's just sneak up on us?
-God is in all the moments of the days and weeks. Pray through it all. 
-Find something to be grateful for each day. Find lots! It helps so much.
-We all have wings waiting for us to fly into whatever awaits.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkin time!

How we do Halloween:
go to a couple Fall festivals

pick a pumpkin or two- or four (or go to Walmart and find 'em! whatever)

find a cutie patootie pun'kin!

have Daddy set up to carve 

design something

murder the pumpkin, get frustrated, messy and use too many muscles

put it on the front porch
and be at peace with it

put Polly in her bee costume and try to take a picture of her

dress up in costumes that cost $0.
just get need energy and Nana's help to be creative and pull s'mthg together
this year: a hippie and a Greek goddess
(every year they go as something together, this year was "people in the past")

look at Steve/Heather back in Star Wars time. Awesome.
Hans Solo, Princess Lei, Luke Skywalker and....
the cutest Yoda ever.

....can't forget about eating the traditional chili, trick or treating
and too. much. candy.

There ya have it: Halloween.

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