Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our garden named "Herb" (pronouncing the H!)

Josh had mentioned that he wants to "utilize" more of our yard. Ooookay, and I have been wanting (and needing his muscles) to start a garden. Perfect.

We (um, or HE) had some trouble with starting it (yea, hit a septic line, etc) but it is lovely and it makes me HAPPY! The girls are helping out and we can't wait to eat from it. I promised J that I would cook some scrumptious meals for his endurance and patience with me!

Herbs (even BBQ rosemary and garlic chives?!)
Yellow peppers

Note: Yes, I promise- that even when it is 100+degrees outside I will tend to this 4x8 plot of dirt named Herb. I know I can be a slacker with anything that is green and grows.

It's about the journey- not the destination.

We're off on a springtime hike...Daddy packed a lunch...I took a zillion pictures of wildflowers- and it was a family day that we all enjoyed. out for that poison ivy! (really, it was everywhere!)

Our little flower lost her first tooth this week! The tooth fairy fluttered in and left $2 and even some glitter sprinkles (doesn't get much better than that in L-land)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birthday weekend fun-

What? Two weekends of spoiling? Yep. Every year! Although the weekend I turn a year older is a bit more harsh. Closer to 40 than 30 you say? Well- like I've said- hand over the anti-aging cream, therapeutic shoes, reading glasses...

I woke up to pretty roses from the incredible man of my life- but Lauren woke up with a fever and headache. I told her to sleep in a little and I would bring her to school later. Yea, that didn't happen. We spent the day together and enjoyed some sweet small joys. She was feeling better (poor on-going pattern for her with this chronic sinusitus lately) and we headed to Olive Garden. We have always made this a birthday tradition. Even both the girls had their 1st birthday's here. It's always good food and we love to keep traditions...

Josh scooted me outta the house Mom picked me up...because he had something for me that was too big and didn't want me to see. I had an idea that he had something up his sleeve all day. I just sensed it. We got done with dinner and headed home to open the door to "SURPRISE!" There were streamers, food, drinks, cards and sweet friends/families! I stood there shocked like a deer in the headlights really. It ended up to be such a great night- filled with love, laughter and chocolate! Did I mention that I was spoiled two weekends in a row? Back to reality now I suppose.

Thank you for all the lovely written cards (I think that words are the best gift you can give someone!) and sweet gifts everyone. I love you all!

Lauren had given me some "okay- I am gonna keep this forever and I am gonna not burst into tears" handwritten/drawn cards for Mother's Day and b'day. Josh told me that she was wanting to also give me a present of something extra special. So, she so carefully put 52cents (which is ALOT for a princess) in a special pink canister, wrapped it in her absolutely most favorite baby blankie (that she still sleeps w/every night) and with the most sincere, serious eyes...wanted to give it to me.
Josh said she was so tender and precious- that he had to hold it together.
Too sweet not to share.

Mommy's Day weekend

Our Annual "girlfriend get-away from it all" in Dallas on Friday night with some of my favorite girls! Relaxing time filled with belly laughs, sillyness, stories and chit-chatting, eating/'ritas...and a little shopping. What else does a lady need, right?

Pancakes and sweet gifts~ (yeah, I know...brave of me to put a picture of me on here first thing in the a.m.!)

Went to a garden place with my favorite blossoming girls~

Picking some green stuff for our garden that Daddy constructed for us~ (with blood, sweat and...*!@#!* mind you)

Great meal with my Momma~ (the best Mom ever, if I might say)

I can't begin to tell you how much of a blessing and a gift it is to be called "Mommy". I am so thankful for all of the Mom's in the generations before me and those Mom's right now in my life that have helped pave the way. I know that this journey of motherhood (with all it's twists& would not be the same without you all. I love each of you that I call Mom, Grandma and friend.

I couldn't begin to imagine life without my two princesses named Hannah and Lauren. I am so in love with you both and am proud and honored to be your Mommy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's play!

Soccer girl excited at the beginning of the game...

Soccer diva having fun...You go girl!

Soccer girl at the end of the game.

Hip-Hop Hannah

Just a crazy picture of the hip-hop class. Girls just wanna have fun...!

Mommy loving her super star-

Hippin' and hoppin' with two sweet friends this year-

So proud of you, Hannah! You did a fab job----peace. out.
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