Wednesday, July 16, 2008


(check out Lauren-ha!)

(check out the pic of J I found-flexing his stuff in 5th grade...!)

Josh's mom asked me on the phone today " that all you do there in TX is PARTY?" Well, it may seem that way according to this BLOG! But really...we DO work too!!! It's just that it's not any fun to talk about that now is it?

We celebrated the birthday of the man of my life on the 9th- with a simple going out to eat and half eaten cookie cake his co-workers got him (and he brought it home!). We did although have a "cookie monster" at Cheddars- so that count too. The girls got him the Steven Curtis Chapman CD "Cinderella"(and I am sure he secretly got all teary eyed over it in the car going to work and stuff) and I splurged on some Marshalls stuff. It really is one of his favorite stores. He likes a good deal like his someone else I know!
I couldn't even begin to write about my man on here. I can say that I am still falling in love with him over and over again every single day. He's everything and I cannot wait to spend many many more birthdays celebrating him and all the incredible things that make him so INCREDIBLE! ....You make every day a joyful, priceless treat, honey. You are a gift from heaven. XO.

Okay- now the other important person in my life we celebrated this week was my Mom. Us girls went to a girly lunch and saw the cute "Kit Kittredge:The American Girl" movie with some friends. Mom has always been in love with American Girl dolls- and so it was perfect. (She even wants one of her own- and is the other grandma that supplies all the cutie-patootie outfits for Hannah and Lauren's dolls..., I gladly let them!!$$!)
I love you more than you know, Mom. I love that you are choosing to look at the "rainbows" instead of the "clouds". You and I have something so special- and I am continually proud and honored to call you not only my Mom--but also a best friend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Colorado fun...

Yup- it is July... and we were bundled around a fire to stay toasty. (nope,not in TX!!!)

We celebrated the 4th- with sparks from fireworks (and newlyweds too!)

Went to a Rockie's game! Pigged out on loaded dogs and had baseball fun- even though they lost...

Did some tubing and kayaking down the Phlatt river...just gorgeous!

Went to Pike's Peak and the views took our breath's away...ha, literally!

More wedding pictures-

An amazing Colorado wedding...

I really could post a zillion pages on my big brother's wedding...and the incredible woman he married...but I'm not sure if I could sum up all the beauty and emotions behind it in just that.

The wedding was one memory after another- and was as beautiful as out of a magazine. They had the ceremony overlooking Colorado mountains on the golf course they met on. A huge white tent, gourmet food, cocktails/hor'doeuvre's, incredible live band (of which we danced the night away with!), beautiful name it- just paradise.

The ceremony was perfect. Their pastor said words that every married couple needs to hear, they had a very old traditional wedding rope tying, and ended it with a butterfly release. Of course, that was very special to me personally. Many of you know why.

Heather looked spectacular. And Steve was quite a handsome dude I must say. Josh and I were proud and honored to be standing with them as matron of honor and best man. There is not anything better than being around all the people you love in a celebration of love. Josh had a special, sweet and funny look down memory lane toast. And I shocked myself with the microphone (and packed my emotions down so I could hold it together a bit) and said a toast too. I needed to not only honor the brother (and sis-in-law) that I love so much but also Dad as well. We had tears indeed, but he was there. I felt it. He was there in love- with his beaming smile. We know he was so proud.

Girl time!

Our pretty toes here on the top and the entire wedding party at the rehersal dinnner below. It was on Steve's beautiful golf course he runs- and we made new friends, reunited with good old one's, and saw family from all over the U.S. There was a beautiful sunset, beautiful rainbow, and just the prettiest Co. night....

The wedding party had such a blast being pampered the day before (and the day of w/ our hair done all fancy!) Steve and Heather's wedding. Starting off with some gifts from the bride... and a Starbucks run of course. Hannah said "Mommy, I want a "fappacino", okay? Oh, my what have we started?? We all (including the cutest flower girls!) got pedicures and manicures. Yes- a first for myself, my mom, and the girls. It was so cute watching them get pampered....and my mom at one time had 3 ladies working on her (which is huge!). Then off to a lady luncheon place in a beautiful garden- it was such a wonderful beginning to a lovely memorable weekend.
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