Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hannah Elizabeth was born on February 22nd, 2000 at 2:22pm.
So we were discussing what this means:

On 2/22/2022 she will be 22 years old and born at 2:22.
So cool!

Scavenger hunt ended up at our place for dinner. Sweet times with sweet friends.

Love this picture. 
The cake really wasn't THAT big, just the angel. Ha!

February 22nd. We always do Olive Garden. Since she was ONE.
This time she wanted to go a bit more grown up Italian,
so we ended up at Maggiano's Italian.

So in love with this beauty. 
As a teacher of hers recently wrote on a recommendation letter,
"Doesn't get much better than Hannah."

17th BIRTHDAY mall scavenger hunt


Life gives you friends throughout your entire journey.
Some come at just the right time, some go, some stay for life.
Every one is a gift.
 Everyone one is different. 
The connections, the way you talk, what you learn from each other, the way you have fun. 
That's the fun of it!
Above are some friends we love to hang with regularly...yes, family can be best friends!

Here are two very special new friends to me. 
The connection and hearts that we share is powerful and has been such a blessing for me. 

We are real with each other with our hearts open and free.

I just met two new amazing women. We met each other and instantly knew we had to be pals. Here were are on the first of many "creative field trips" that we are planning monthly. They are creatives and designers and I am so happy to have them in my heart and days.
Above is a place called "Upstairs Circus" near Denver. It's so cool and hip! Kind of like paint-n-sip classes but so much better. You can choose from art, leather making, glass, jewelry making, etc etc.

You pick your project (all the same price) and then sit with all the materials, instruction and tools that you need to complete it. And they bring you fun drinks!

We were there for about 3 hours making our things! Heidi and Billi made aprons with personalized leather accents and I made a pretty charm tassel necklace.

The many faces of Miss Polly

A party girl.

An always-ready-for-a-party type of girl.
Yea, she doesn't have a choice.

A fashionista.

A race horse.

A hugger.

Bear with me, apparently we take WAY too many pictures of our dog!

A spoiled slacker.

A "I am so darn cute give me a treat" girl.

A "I am concerned out of love" girl.
(Lauren just had oral surgery.)

A hide-n-seek with her bestie fuzzy friends girl.

A "I am being so patient for scraps falling from the table" girl.

A snuggler.
She will stay snuggled in blankets on the couch ALL day.

A "I feel frumpy and need a spa day" girl.

A protector.
Watchdog of her kingdom of friends.

Hello 2017

We had a New Years Party.

It was a blast.

We ate, danced, sat by the fire, danced some more, played, laughed, blew our ears out with music too loud,

some of us par-tey'ed it up a little too hard...

4am most of us said good night good morning.

Here are some random pics of the night...

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