Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Co. get-away~

Just me and my forever man on a special night~

Went to a romantic fondue resturant and stuffed ourselves silly~

Off on 4-wheels...

Cooold mountain air making us a bit nutty-

Gorgeous view from our campsite in the mountains-

A Coors Brewery tour- and lovin' free cold one's at the end!

One of the beautiful parks near Denver-

My high school sweetheart and I just celebrated our special love day this Tuesday. The 23rd is when he asked me on a first date 20 years ago to a $1 movie theatre and ice cream at Burger King. This same date was our lovely wedding... and so our love story continues. We have come a long way and wanted to celebrate us and our wonderul journey together. So, after two attempts to go somewhere that fell through because of timing and just too much of a dent in our wallet....we decided on Wednesday of last week to get cheap airline tickets to Colorado. Nothin' like waiting till the last minute, huh? We were then off on a way too early morning on Friday for a few days of gettin' away that was well needed. We stayed in Steve/Heather's "suite" down below. An oasis with the coziest bed, movie theater, pool table, spa bathroom, get the idea. It was just a great time for J and I to reconnect away from schedules, kiddos, and the day stuff that can sometimes get the best of us. Above are some picture highlights of the fun~

As long as you have memories to look back on and dreams to hold onto..
As long as you have faith to guide you,
and prayers to carry you through-
As long as you have eachother and God's love in your hands,
you'll have everything you need.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of school...

And they're off...getting bigger as we speak. Hannah is sportin' a bit of a "Hannah Montana" look. She says "everyone calls me Hannah Montana at school mommy.." Well, she might as well look the part, eh? And my fashion conscious Lauren decided all of a sudden that she doesn't want any more bows, glitter, shine, skirts, nothing "too fancy". I'm crushed. Perhaps it's another phase, right? She has a new (somewhat plain of course) kitty t-shirt that says "Miss Adorable" on it. She picked it out at Dillards awhile back, insisted on getting it, and wants to wear it ALL the TIME. Now really, how can I resist that?

Anyway- the first two weeks have been with its joys and challenges. Mainly morning challenges- uggh. It isn't good that I'm not a pleasant morning person at the least- and that God graced me with a little one that isn't either. Aaah- what to do??
Overall they are both happy during their day- with teachers and friends- so that is what matters. As a mommy, I am loving these lil' darlings- picking them up after school, hearing all about the day and realizing there is not any better joy in the world than to see them being molded and created into the girls they are meant to be.
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