Thursday, October 25, 2012

San Fransisco

                  Alright, hang in there with me. This will be the last California post!
By now we were rockin' and rollin' with FIVE ladies getting ready in one hotel room, 
with one mirror and one shower. No problem! 
We started off with some caffeine and a pastry.

Headed to downtown San Fransisco and stayed at the modern Niko hotel.

Shopped a bit. 
(oooh, the shopping!!)

Then decided to take a bus tour.

It was kind of a flop of a bus tour- but we got to see the Golden Gate bridge and just a few sites.

It was coooold.

Winds picking up. 
We were hungry.

To a local pub for really good fish and chips and a band.
We were gonna get our party-on and get dressed to hit the town late that night.
Well yeah, that didn't happen.
We zonked out after a short and silly game of truth-n-dare.
(Yeeeesssss-- we are all turning 40 next year....and nooooo you are never too old for that game!!)

Everyone flew out on Sunday.
sniff. sniff.
But I stayed a day longer to see my cousin and his wife, 
lovely Shana (of whom I adore!).
They took me to see some sites and down the most crooked street in the world (above).

There was soooo much happening in the city. We got stuck in parade traffic so just headed to Saulsalito to eat on the water, sip on chai latte, shop... and watch the "Blue Angels" perform a bit over the port.

I stayed at their gorgeous home, ate fancy food, enjoyed fancy tea from my Grandma's old tea cups.
Had a fancy time... the way fancy people do it. (smiles!)

Got to finally meet sweet and cuddly Oliver.
Polly and him need to meet someday. They would be bff's.

Had such a fabulous time catching up with my cousin and I cherish my sista, Shana. xo! (I miss everyone and miss California- the meadows, valleys, art, quaint coffee shops, restaurants, mountains, ocean...! Be back someday again!)

Napa- Day 2.

Started off with a quick coffee at Bouchon Bakery in Yountville and then headed to our first winery for the day (appointment at 10am!) 

It was called Peju and it was super beautiful. We had such a great tour.
I can now tell you ALL about anything you need to know about wine!

We got to sample from a barrel. This cabernet sauvignon was aging for about 16 months in this particular barrel.
Then to more tastings.

...with fancy treats.

Then off to vineyard #2 (Hill) for the day.

This time we got to go in a cool cave where they store all the barrels.

Sipping in the cave on this ginormously beautiful table with an even more ginormous crystal chandelier above us. 
Yes, in. a. cave.

Okay. By about now we were ALL a bit c.r.a.z.y.

Off to lunch at Auberge Spa/Restaurant overlooking the valley.

Later a Mexican dinner, a laugh-a-thon, hot tub fun (smiles!) at the unforgettable day.

Nothing changes with forever friends.
We can laugh our behinds off at each other.
Laugh our behinds off with each other.

Just plain good fun.


Here are some of my besties the day we flew into San Fransisco. We flew in from Colorado, Georgia and Virginia. The five of us that have grown up together (from 3rd grade) have gotten together every year for the past 5 years for a girls-only trip! We have tried to visit eachothers cities. This time it was California-girl time with Brenda. She was the most delightful "tour guide" showing us her stompin' grounds around San Fransisco and Napa Valley.

We spent the night at Brenda's and then picked Amy up at the airport the next day.
She is our Ohio-girl. 

We went to our first vineyard called Paraduxx. 
And toasted.
Alot of toasting on this trip!

Brenda's husband hooked us up with 4 different wineries. 
We had such indulgent and VIP treatment at each one.
What a treat!

October is harvest time in Napa. All the vines were full of grapes! 
So pretty.

Napa Valley was everything that I had heard and more.

Off to Duckhorn Vineyards next.

We got a wonderful personal tour.

Saw some harvesting taking place.

Weather was perfection.

Went to Bistro Jeanty that night and had the most decadent meal!
They are famous for THE best tomato soup EVER. And it was.

Us girls have such roots together.
We are lifelong love.
We are family.

What a perfect day....
with memories to last a lifetime.

Monday, October 1, 2012


she loves her new volleyball team.

she love. love...

loves Polly.

she's got the sillies...

always silly fun.

she drives her sister silly.
(and vice versa!)

she's got sass.

with a lil' attitude thrown in for fun.
(nooo, she doesn't dress like this to was '80's day!)
(and flashback for Momma.)

she has a radiant and beautiful light about her...both inside and out.

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