Friday, May 16, 2014

April showers bring....?

We were all over the moon excited to see green and leaves and flowers!

And an Easter full double rainbow late in the day.

And then, YES- you see right. Four inches of snow for Mother's day.
Hannah build this snowman on our patio.

Hello Colorado weather.

So here's the gang. We had to keep up with Easter tradition.

A little guy really liked a certain color for his eggs!

We had a Sesame Street thing going on...

a bit of a Disney thing goin' on...

After Easter church, we headed to Nana's for an egg hunt.

and to play...

And for Mother's day, we chilled and watched the snow fall.

Hello Spring.
Hello Winter.
What season is it?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

just this-n-that lately

Thanks to Josh's brother leaving his snowboard here...Josh has taken up snowboarding.
And loves it.
THE cutest snowman compliments of Lauren.

Out on a girls night...
to a biergarten and a live band, then to dinner.
Celebrating Jenn running for town council!

And that's all I have to say about that.

Somebody was having a rough day. 
That's all I have to say about that.

Another night of fun at Kristen's birthday at a winepub with our hubby's. 
Everyone took the place over and there was MORE dancing.

That's all I have to say about that.

Here is my Hannah and my crumpled up old PROM DRESS 
when I was a junior in HighSchool and went with Josh. 

It fit her, she's beautiful and....well, I got a bit teary.

That's all I have to say about that.
Gonna get teary again.

Went to hit some golf balls and my bro's course the other week.
Hello spring.
We are glad you are here.

We are celebrating 3 YEARS of living here this month.
Tyler turned 3 this past weekend.
I remember how incredibly special it was to be here for his birth.

Where has the time gone, everybody?
Just saying.

That's all I have to say about that.
I'm gonna get teary again.

a little bit about Lauren lately

She loves to paint... and is re-decorating her room in a more "grown up/middle school artsy" style.
I am giving her the control- for painting it in the color she desires, designing it with all her own artwork and all other choices.

She loves to get messy.

She got "Student of the Month" at her school for INTEGRITY again this year.
Total mama proud.

One of her art pieces got shown in a recent art show and awarded.
(This is actually her name-- recreated with colored pencils. Too cool, right?)

Look at what she did for me ("Wonder Mama") for a mother's day card. She said that I am her superhero. Like, totally melted my heart. Plus- look at this pencil drawing, people!

Just some "scribbles" around the house that I found done by her.

She got braces!

She is always doing silly things that make me smile wide.
She occasionally makes me breakfast in bed.

Who could not love Polly? She sure loves her- big time.

Daddy and daughter date. Super sweet- they went out to eat and then to Michaels for birdhouses and painted them. (Lauren's still working on hers:)
Priceless time. 

She had her first overnight camp experience at "6th grade Outdoor Ed" for a few nights and had a blast.... I couldn't resist taking this picture of her crashing about an hour after she got home!

She is a creative writer. She had written several short stories and such I got to read. I was amazed. 
Here is a recent poem she wrote about a relaxing place that she loves:

that salty, sandy smell abounding my lungs,
crisp breezes filling the atmosphere,
swaying, tranquilizing palm trees,
the annoying seagulls in the background,
and oh...
the water!
the excitement of a fresh, secretive, wave collapsing on your back,
eyes stinging,
let's do it again!
the sand!
like a lifetime supply of sloppy clay
waiting to be experimented with,
and though there's the disappointment of your sand castle collapsing,
even without a wave crashing down on it,
I still love the beach!

spring break in Breckenridge

While The Foster's were in Santa Fe...I headed up the other direction with my sis-in-law to celebrate wonderful Kristen turning 40. We stayed in a big lodge for a couple nights and 
Here are some of the girls heading up to snowboard/ski....

They decided to chill in a ski lodge....while Heather and I went SNOWSHOEING.

Oh my. It was so fun. So fun. So exhausting. So exhilarating. So beautiful.
So hard keeping up with my uber healthy/strong/athletic partner!

SOoooo special bonding and connecting with my incredible sister-in-law.

We felt like we had the entire mountain to ourselves for 3 hours or so. 
The pine trees were about a foot tall- so we were walking on ALOT of snow piled up.

Then -with our weary muscles- headed to the ski lodge to hang with the gang there.

We met this fabulous guy. Seriously! Can you believe him? He was super cool and down-to-earth...he said he likes to "surprise" people with his outside keep everyone guessing. Because the was the sweetest ....and a guy true to his heart.

Downtown Breck to celebrate. We went to a couple bars...
then went crazy DANCING at another place 

 I LOVE to have a good time.
I am NOT 21 anymore.
I CANNOT do this kind of party weekend regularly.

spring break

The Foster's decided they wanted to fly down for Warren's birthday. So, with about 48 hours notice...they arrived! It was a full week...Josh took some time off and they headed to Santa Fe about 4 hours south or so from here.

They stayed in an adobe style home and went shopping, eating, touring, and swimming. 

The churches are fabulous to go through.
Here is a famous staircase that defies all architecture and design.
Nothing is holding it up!

There is this gift is THE best gift shop. One of a kind for sure!

Look who turned 82! 
The girls had fun decorating and making him feel super duper special.

No surprise.....
Yep, you are SPECIAL for sure, Grandpa.

Making big wishes....
and ready to chow on some steak!

Oh, how I only dream of being as healthy and happy as he is when I turn 82.

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