Saturday, April 30, 2016


                                   Another round of what we do during the winter months in Colorado.

You shovel.
And wish Daddy was home on some of those days you have to shovel.

You have a friend over and play in the snow.
(Um, never too old to play in the snow.)

You dig out a path for your doggie to do her business.
(Polly is saying "enough already".)

Your kids make snowman.
And let everyone know that we are DONE with winter.

You take pictures.

And more pictures.

And whine a bit.

You try to figure out to open a door.

You nap.

You wear your adult onesie a bit too much around the house.

You go cross country skiing.

You try and look cute while staying warm and have a good attitude.

You wait till spring.

You don't let the weather control your moods.

You reveal in the beauty and freshness of the snow.

You pray for your angel neighbors to snow plow your driveway frequently.

Beachin' it.

More Disney...

We surprised Hannah with a trip to Florida for her birthday! She was so thrilled. Nana came with us, we got killer deals on flights, Josh's folks were staying there in a rental house and his brother/wife live there. We thought- doing Disney for 3 days and then 3 days by the ocean spent with the Foster clan! It ended up working out perfectly...

Except for rain and cold.


After a long flight and way too early morning...we had to stop and eat at Olive Garden. It was Hannah's real birthday and we have gone almost there every year since she was born.

We hit Magic Kingdom. Did the rides, shows, nighttime fireworks...amazing.

It poured most of the day there. But that didn't damper our spirits.
You just rolled with it!

Met up with the Foster's, Wes, Lara and their granddaughter Josie for a fun meal at a Japanese Steakhouse in Epcot.

Kids are drawn to Miss Hannah!

For Tyler and Tristan.

I think I left my head and my heart that dropped off during this roller coaster at Hollywood Studios.

It was SO fun having Nana with us. A fun celebration for the year because she turns 70 this year.

We ate. and ate. and ate.
Happy eating!

Hannah blew out so many candles. 
We lost count after awhile.

The sweets.

Oh, the sweets.

Walt Disney

What I love about Disney World:
It is steeped in history. So American. 

Walt Disney has put a smile on the world... for all countries to enjoy. 

The art, design, technology. The love for animals. The respect for the environment. 

The creativity. The humor. The personalities in all characters. The music. The talent. 

The childhood memories. The pretend imaginations. The trusting your heart. 

The love. The no details left behind. 

Highlighting diversity, being yourself, appreciation for the world.

The dreams come true.

Wishing, believing, shining high....



Memories to carry for the rest of your life.

Thank you, Walt Disney.

We have pictures of Lauren with these pink Mickey ears (that she would NOT take off the entire trip) when she was two years old. Here at 13 and just as excited and smiley!

Oh, and by the way...the girls took almost all of these pictures on their iphones.

Aren't they awesome?

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