Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine smiles

Daddy left a little Monkey love in my car (smiles!)

handmade cake pops facilitated by Nana (yummy smiles!)

 Made a Valentine mess of a table when Lauren made a Valentine box (classroom contest: colorful duct taped boxes) .....................and we made some fun, colorful flower pens (smiles!)
oh how my sweeties make me SMILE!

cutie snow bunnies

I want to remember them just like this...

hot chocolate mustaches and all.

(uh, WHAT is with Lauren's expression??)


Hannah and I first heading into the ski day.

Here we are into the day.

More into the day getting- covered in white.

Daddy starting off all pumped up.

Daddy and Lauren free-zing.

Headin' to the lodge to warm our insides from the blizzard.
We ate. Sipped. Then bundled up in our gazillion layers again.
Did some more runs.
Momma to the lodge to accidentally fall asleep! (oopsie)

There it is: another fun ski day at Copper Mountain.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my Etsy art

So, here's a quick picture of my art studio in the basement. I will take more later. Oh how I love it. Josh constructed a HUGE table for me with incredible lighting. It is my special spot in the house. I feel like I take it for granted at times though I couldn't be happier with it. 
(I just noticed how many paintbrushes I use-- holy moly!)
And what a bonus that I can leave it a mess about 90% of the time and it is right next to Josh's little music studio where he jams. 
blessed. blessed.

So I went on a whim when we moved here to Colorado and opened an Etsy shop. I lost my art "client base" that I had established in Texas for 12 years. Low and behold, it was a great decision. For the past year or so, I have done almost 200 personalized paintings for the nicest people from all over the world.

It's funny with big and small things in life that stir at your heart to do. Once you listen to those tender inside voices and do it-- it's usually meant to be. And whatever it is, it will bring you purpose/love/joy  as it brings love and joy to others.
(This painting above, was for a Mom who had her daughter on Halloween and wanted a bit of a Fall theme going on.)

People contact me for those custom "extra special" meaningful gifts. Like this one above, she wanted this for her best friends daughter. I know, how sweet is that! 
She wanted it REALLY simple and have just the special message. Okaaay. 
Apparently, the Mom cried when she saw it and cherished giving it to her daughter.
I get many comments about tears. Happy one's I hope!

It warms and fills my heart up so.

Mother's that write letters to their daughters.

I did a canvas for a new mommy that had her baby on 12-12-12. So fun!
And this one above for little Graham. I'm talking little here. He was born at 2lbs and 12oz. The dear friend of the Mom wanted me to put on it that "He's strong and eager to be a blessing to all those around him." 
Seriously? I was the one that was teary this time!

Mom's that reflect on what they adore and love about their sons/daughters.

Really custom pieces for themed rooms. I have gotten orders from Canada and Australia!

For some reason, this particular (very simple/easy) cross flat canvas has been a favorite on Etsy through and through.
I must confess: I often pray while I am painting this one- for whoever is going to receive it, their story, the encouragement and how it will impact them.

Just loved doing Colossians 1:9-11 on this huge canvas. The pink was such a unique pink, that the new-to-be-mommy sent me a paint sample through the mail. It turned out adorable and so special for me to do and her to receive.

Teacher signs. A big hit as well. 
This one was very custom. They all touch teachers. Yay! don't we all love teachers!?

I also try to do some different things along the way- although not on my shop- these adorable letters were for a sweet friend and her 5th little girl coming soon.

This style that started after I did one for my nephew when he was born, has been the most popular all around. 
I am now offering it in a 8x10 and ribbon attached.

have done some stuff for sport teams
Precious words about life. How to live it and love it.
Messages you can see daily on the wall and carry them around in your heart.

Well, there is a bit of a peek into what I do during the weeks. 
Now that I know what sells on Etsy, I am planning on taking my art into a bit of a different direction and do more drawing. I miss drawing! I want to offer prints so it can free up my time a bit. I'm hoping to pull out some "Type A" personality traits (that is hard to come by for my right-sided brain!) and get organized/busy..... and open up another shop called "One Little Butterfly" in the spring. 
Wish me luck!

January art gypsies

Us girls started with all types of glass and enamel paints, glass paints/sparkly fun, food and friends...
Here are some that we did:

Reba did amazing flowers

Rachel did fun dots

Becky did a selection for a room-- I think bathroom; for q-tips, cotton balls, or candles

mom did a Colorado theme

I did drippy paint that I store paintbrushes in it for my studio

Kim did monogram

Painting inside...outside...keeping it simple...or whatever! 
We just went with it, had some inspiration and had fun and doing something we wouldn't do on our own!

*FYI note: Use acrylic enamel or glass paints. Clean the glass with alcohol before you start. 
You need to let the paint cure for 21 days or put in a cool oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. 
They will then be permanent and dishwasher safe.

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