Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Sale.

It's up. Josh and I had a "moment" with the sign and the mallet to pound it into the ground. What are we doing? Well, we are trying this "for sale by owner" thing first. Why not? 6 percent is 6 percent, right?

We are taking one of the first big steps for another transitioning, new and unknown territory. (And carrying around a nice bucket of emotions with it. Including courage and fearlessness.)

I thought I'd put our home on here. (just took it off  'cuz we went w/ a realtor; email me if you wanna see it) Because there might be someone who will fall in love by clicking on it.


Is it you? Oh, please say it is so. Or hey, pass the highlighted link above around to your email pals if you feel led.

That right-at-the-perfect-time-n-oh-so-great-feeling when you walk into a home you have been looking for and know it is yours... can happen. We pray that perfect couple or family will stop on by soon. You're out there. C'mon over. Don't be shy.

Don't get me wrong, we are sad to leave our charming abode. Josh and I put a ton of our dreams and hearts (and sweat, too) into this home...from the dirt to the vintage clawfoot tub found on Ebay. Yes, Ebay. We even wrote dates and bible scriptures on the beams of the house when we were building. The girls put their names (in pink probably) on the beams and put their teeny handprints in the concrete. It's all there. Just not known to anyone but us. Eventually, the owners (perhaps someone renovating 50 years from now) will know that all the incredible memories and love between these walls were started by us. We hope and pray that these rooms will fill up with as many blessed years that they can possibly hold.


It's where your story begins. It's really just all about the LOVE.

It's always with you.

No matter where you are.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some stuff.

It takes me (and probably Josh) about 2.3 seconds to fall asleep lately. Pillow or no pillow, just cocking my head a certain way and forget it, I'm out.

Of course we have a lot going on but it seems when springtime rolls around, the days and weeks fill up faster and faster. Is it just us? Is it just me walking around in a fog lately?

Let's talk about Colorado. We've had our share of shuffling around when it comes to it. Many, many details are still in the works and we are crossing our fingers (and every limb, for that matter) that all will work out. Josh was out there, then me for about 3 busy days, then my brother flew here this weekend for the fastest 14-hour visit to then turn around and drive my Mom to her new home.

It was nothing short of amazing that packers and movers came and went in not quite a 48 hour period. I mean, you should have seen how much stuff was packed. Mom had been weeding through a ton the past 6 months, but geez. All the memories behind not only the big stuff, but every small item. I got stuck going through some piles...and found everything from my old retainers (and mom's too!) to my Dad's aviator glasses from the war, and on and on. All the "bundles" that are collected through the years tell about a life. It is all just combined in neat little piles everywhere around the house. The piles may seem like junk to others, but the layers are just sweet gifts of lives (and love) in action. Mom was overwhelmed on every level possible and I numbed myself a bit this weekend. It would have otherwise been a weepy, emotional mess in a closet or two. It was also my b-day, so definitely a roller coaster of every feeling in the book.

Life will be in dis-order and upside-down for some time for her, but just as the moving truck said on the side of it, they are "Helping People Move Ahead". That is exactly what she is doing. Moving ahead with faith and grace. (Oh, and the drivers name of the moving truck...well, his name is Jesus...literally.)
So, where does time go, people? I mean, really. How precious it is to remember, reflect on all the laughter and love through all the years. I am always so happy to know that memories can never change or be taken away. They are the precious jewels in life. I pray that they will be bright and shiny for my Mom's new life on Candleglow Drive in Colorado.

Stacey stuff.

Every year since a nurse handed me a pink bundle of joy, I have been spoiled two weekends in a row in May. How would anyone not love that? 

Mother's Day I was woken to breakfast-in-bed. The girls found lots of blackberry bushes in the field next to us and decided to put them into some pancakes (aaaww). Hannah wove me a handmade basket at school (their art teacher rocks) and filled it with coupons to help around the house (yeees!) and Lauren gave me a sweet handmade Mom mug. Loooove handmade-from-the-heart gifts. Although, I didn't hesitate taking the pair of fancy designer jeans Josh gave me. Did I mention...spoiled? 

Who puts a picture of when they first wake up on their blog? Well, here goes. I'm brave. (yikes.)

My 30-whaaat? birthday was filled with emotions of mom's moving day, family, gifts-n-greetings from friends, great dinner and the surprise of a new mountain bike. (Ah, the surprises lately!) Here's a pic of the gang for both of my special days...
Since this post is titled "Stacey stuff"...let me add a couple more pictures. (Then, I am done posting for a bit, folks.)

Did you see Extreme Home Makeover Show on May 2nd? Go here if you'd like to see it. This episode made me teary more than any other. The Carr family is incredible. The parents. The adorable kids. What a privilege it was to be a small part of making all their dreams come true.

I surprisingly got in one of the shots! I couldn't believe it, was super excited, but felt kinda bad actually. Of all the painters/workers that worked sooooo much harder and longer than me... I felt so undeserving.

Here's a picture of my 5-second shot of painting. (Hannah was proud...ha!)

An ABC superstar? Well, hey...why not?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The past couple months have had its share of twists and turns. 

It's time to tell everyone what's up with the Foster fam. 

Josh has been working as a safety guy and marketing man for my Dad's company. He's been with ETOX for 5 years. In January, ETOX was sold to a much bigger company called Matheson Tri-Gas. With this, came big change for everyone. It was actually something that my Dad had in his plans for the future of the company and apparently, it was just time. 

One day Josh's boss asked him,"How would like to move to Colorado?" Huuuuh? Did he know that this has been a hearts desire of ours for a couple years? Nope. They need help at the Denver branch and he thought about Josh. 

Several big bosses, meetings, dinners, a visit out there last week, and a job was offered. Pretty much landing flat into his lap. Huge job. They are confident in him managing all Colorado and New Mexico branches (yes, even Santa Fe!). Mainly based in Denver though where Steve (my bro), Heather and angel Tristan are.

So, we're movin' to the mountains.
(oh, you better promise to come visit us...all friends here will be dearly missed...don't get my tears started!)

Our house will be up for sale next week. (...wiping brow, whew!)

Mom sold her house here in perfect timing to start a new life in Colorado. She will move into the adorable home she has been building there next week
 I know- freaky timing, really.

What did we do to deserve this?

Family. Opportunity. A bazillion awesome things to do. Mountains. Snow. Great schools. Baby Tristan!

Castle Rock, Colorado here we come.

Alright, we are: nervous, emotional, busy and stressed... but crazy excited, hopeful and full of God's grace and direction. He is lovingly unfolding a new journey before us. We are leaning into it deeply and confidently. A journey that was unexpected, yet in His plans all along, and we are just going with it all in faith. 

Looking forward to the incredible moments and adventures that living can bring. 

How can we resist?

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