Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our dancin' divas!

This year Hannah has been taking jazz/tap and Lauren has been in ballet/tap. Their recital was this past Sat. and just adorable. We couldn't be more proud of these little sparkly gems. They shined on the stage and L just beams with everything in her when she is fluttering around at dance. Their teachers are incredible and the girls have learned a ton this year.
Just loooving these princesses to pieces...and these unforgettable times.
(Grandparents in OH...Josh is gonna put their recital video on here soon...:-)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The 88cent Walmart snake

Now don't be frightened...yes, it is a snake...a plastic one. Let me tell you about our friendly house snake. Josh was wanting me (and asked me quite a few times) to purchase some plastic snakes for the bon-fire night (sorry Shannon, you were the culprit!). So....I said whaaat....and hesitated....then found one for 88 cents at Walmart. (Okay, I thought...I will make my hubby happy and get ONE) Here's the deal....for the past 10 days or so this snake has seen many areas of our home. It has been hid in the shower, in shoes, in my pan I cook pasta in, in sock and undies baskets, under the toliet seat (the GIRLS hid it here and yes, Daddy freaked a bit!) etc. etc. etc.
Um.... it is now in a box of Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal (shhh, one of Daddy's favorite). This is getting a bit ridiculous. But what a hoot- I just hope that if we do ever encounter (aaah!) a REAL one that we won't be thinking otherwise!
(ps. May this be a warning to all that come to the home of the Foster's!!!)

Love my man!

Scrubbing, sprayin' and stylin'....
What a man! These shades are all you!

Here are some of the kiddos at our 2nd "Backyard Movie/Bon-fire Extravaganza!" Josh was quite the "hostess with the most-ess" constructing a huge movie screen, a huge blazing fire (with the help of some gas- woo!) and was a magnificent grill-master. It was such a fun night for the little kids and the big-adult sized kids too!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

On the home front-

About time I got around to getting something else on this blog! Here are some pictures on "the home front"...literally! We got an action photo the other week of little L catching some air jump roping with Hannah (and Hannah's best neighbor friend!). Looove it! How I cherish that as a mom I get to see (and sometimes take part in!) all the "girl times" that I so enjoyed when I was growing up. Wow, what an amazing circle of life...

Friday we tried to mix things up a bit. Yes, Mommy...wanting to sleep in a bit through a bad morning rain...let the girls do the same. We took our time getting ready for school-and were quite, on purpose. (Leave me in charge- and this is what happens!) The girls got home and we decided to paint on the driveway. Love these creative souls and springtime creations that adorn our bulletin board.

The tree. Well, that is what we planted in our front yard in honor of my Dad this past fall. It is an oak tree. Hardy, strong and a tree with statement and purpose. Just like him. It just bloomed and it is perfect. When Josh was planting it there on a cold, almost winter day...there was a big, beautiful yellow butterfly circling it. And yes, even another one fluttered just when I took this picture the other day. Those of you that know my thing with butterflies understand why this is so sweet. Dad would also always ask me at the start of a conversation on the phone... "Howz my butterfly doing?" And..."how are my two little butterflies?" (meaning Lauren/Hannah) We miss you Dad.
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