Wednesday, August 10, 2016

40 birthday celebration continues!

We got up to the huge, beautiful campsite near us and...

THIS was our view.
Perfect Pikes Peak.

We lounged.

We oooh'ed.

We four-wheeled through the terrain.
We aaah'ed.

We shot.
(Yes, that is my mom. !!)

We hung out.
Some of us camped.
Some of us didn't.

All of us had a relaxing time in such a pretty place sitting by the fire and loving the outdoors.

Most of all....we celebrated wonderful Heather and FORTY years!

Look who's 40!

We surprised Heather with a paint ball day! 
A huge course here with serious (like dressed up in camo, etc) competitors!
Above is the before picture.

The boys getting their game on!

The GIRLS getting their game on!


Really after.
A lil' crazy.
And way too HOT.
Really it was the girls that rocked it!
Except for me.
I got hit in the head way too many times.
Got too warm.
I don't have a competitive bone in my body really.
It was fun anyway!

So later that night we went to Breck Brewery. 
It is such a fun place near here. 
A big field to play in with games and such....and a restaurant with some awwwesome food.
Presents for the birthday girl!
Val flew in from Seattle to surprise Heather!

The "Farmhouse Restaurant"

Um, the dessert.

Then we hit up a local band...

It was such a special day/night for the birthday girl!

Daddy's day

Not only is this guy an amazing husband.

He is an amazing daddy.

How blessed (it's not luck!) are we?

Dad's are so special.

I miss mine each day that passes.

I hope the girls will always remember their Daddy as:
music man filling our home with music all the time
bear hugger
follows God in his quiet way
puts 150% into his work
always up to making you LOL
master outside caretaker
biker lover
bbq master
ultimate fixer upper handy man
kind, generous, helper
deep thinker
gift giver
strong inside and out
both a chiller and get 'er done kind of guy
takes care of all his girls (including Polly!) all the time, always
always up for silliness , fun and big laughter...


Here we are. 

Summer is over.

School started....

AND I have not blogged all summer! (I must say....summer flew by in about 5 minutes. Right?)

Let's start from May.

Mother's Day and my birthday. It was a bit of a weeklong birthday marathon. I am so spoiled!

Started with a sweet lunch with some new church friends. (I don't have any pics!)

First: Here's Mother's Day:

Then: Another lunch out with the ladies (at a fav restaurant here) and a cute lil' man.
And the BEST slice of coconut cream pie EVER.

Then: Off to a FUN-DOU party at the Mugavon's. 
We sliced and dipped and cooked and laughed our butts off.

Then: A grilled night and ice cream cake with the fam.

Then: some gifts ...
Renae surprised me with a sweet mug.
I love surprises in the mail!

Steve made me this! So sweet...not the slouchy tulips...but isn't it cute?

Foster's sent me pink flowers. No surprise that I love PINK!

My dear friend from South Carolina, Dawn (aka: Me too) and I always send each other "Me Too" boxes. We have been doing this for about 20 years! So so sooo special, right?

We surprise each other and send birthday boxes and holiday boxes each year. Each box is so girly and sweet. Pictures, notes, things we love, chocolate, lip get the idea. 
Love you, Me Too. 
Miss you always.

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