Thursday, February 11, 2016

Things I've come to know. Part 9

~Not many people see "behind the scenes" in our lives. But it's the behind the scenes that matter.
~Those silly run-around errands on the weekends- they mean something to the kiddos. It's time together.
~Spiritual teachers are all around us. Listen to them. It's food for the soul.
~Ponds dry skin cream. Best $4.99 I have spent all month.
~Pray. Take the time. Keep it simple. It's powerful.
~You can be crazy confused about life stuff but still have faith!
~Listen to the old folks. They matter and they know more than we give them credit for at times.
~Cook together. The kids learn and I think it's romantic with the hubs.
~Tell the truth. All the time. No matter what.
~Pick a word for the year. Not a resolution. Then reflect and pray about that special word. You will personally look back, remember that word for years and how you grew and were inspired by it.
~Coldplay's new album: awesome.
~Treat those friends that mean a lot to you good.
~Snow sucks after the month of December.
~You can't have lovely looong gorgeous hair if you weren't born with lovely, luscious gorgeous hair!
~Take your kids to Disney World in the winter and before they leave for college in a couple years.
~As an artist, it's okay to change and grow and try different ways to paint/create/write...
~Thank goodness God's mercy, grace and forgiveness is new each day.
~Get involved with girls to exercise. Like, WOW. (Love our WorkOUT Wednesdays!)
~Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it loving. Keep it clear.
~We ALL can make better choices in the zillion choices and distractions we have each day.
~Find amazing people online that have blogs that inspire you...follow them.
~Work as a team as a family. It makes it more peaceful. Don't fight all the battles. Choose them.
~Eat when you are hungry. What your body craves. Then stop.
~Love fair trade.
~Love your furry fellows. They have souls.
~Anything can change in a month. Drastically.
~I so very much desire to be a positive, good, loving force and influence in life.
~Young mommy's: when older mom's tell you to enjoy your little's because you will blink your eyes and they will be 16 before you know it. Believe them! They are right.
~Devotional apps rock.
~One of my favorite things to do is to listen to Josh (upstairs) rock on his guitar/sing downstairs. He doesn't know how good I can hear him! (Shhh.)
~To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.

"So you think there's a grand plan? Why...this or that happened? There's a plan. You go on living the best you can and you try to have some fun along the way. Then one day it's over. You wake up and there's an angel at the edge of your bed. The angel says "okay, you can ask me all those dumb questions...because I've got all the answers now."           -Unbroken

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Christmas GIFTS

We opened gifts here.

Guitar hero gift was a hit.

Then Nana came over to open gifts.

Then to Steve/Heather's for opening family gifts there.

Ending the gifts with the gift of an awesome meal!

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve. 
The quiet night of a beautiful church service, warm decorations in a warm home, family...



Good food!


Baby Jesus!

A little one's excitement and awe anticipating the morning...

The Night Before Christmas.

The reason for the season.

Love it.

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