Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Lake Chatfield afternoon

A day hike...and jumping for...?

We started off composed.

Wanted to catch some air.

Caught it with enthusiasm.

Caught it with height. (Look at that jump!)

Jumped with joy.

Then sat -n- thought about how silly we are.

Monday, September 10, 2012

our mountain cabin creativity

this is what the table looked like all weekend in the cabin- love it! are the eclectic dress forms that we did first

consists of: paper mache dress forms, wooden candle sticks, patina, metal tape, glues, embellishments...

aren't they super different and fabulous??? 

...they can be used for the coolest decor, or I am using mine to hold some of my jewelry
we also played with "encaustic"- melted wax with fun color and did some cards


and did a fun technique with texture- with acrylic paint, gel pad and roller...

I looooove playing with my lovely, talented artsy/craftsy friends!

girlie cabin get-away

An awesome Aspen girlie get-away consists of:
a charming old lodge that is filled with memories and love...

tucked away by the most amazing views

crazy silliness
(certainly more pics where that came from!)

nature trails

...eatin'- sippin'-relaxin'- gigglin'-chattin', a bit-o-shoppin', 
doin' arts/crafts (see next post)

and being so so grateful for each other!

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