Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Moments define who we are and shape us.

Each one of us is the sum of the total of our experiences,
with all of the people we have ever known or know.

These are the moments that become our history.

Moments in life have the potential for change that has a ripple effect far beyond what we can predict, sending some particles crashing together and some closer than before. While sending others into great adventures and landing where you would never thought you'd find them. That's the thing about matter how hard you try to control how they are going to affect you... just have to let the beautiful and purpose-filled particles land where they may.

And wait.

For the next blessed moment.

Summer pictures- round 2.

My Dad's boat "The Butterfly Barge" had been sitting in the TX storage for almost three years. Ohmygoodness...we needed to get it here! SO, the boys piled in the car and drove for over 30 hours in a weekend to pick it up. Talk about brother bonding! It was a special moment to see it again and brought some tears. So much of this boat was a part of my Dad. He was so proud of it. "Captain John" was always beaming on it...and he cherished the time with family. We had so many good moments and precious memories on this boat. I hold them tenderly and very close to me. 
I love that Steve is the new "captain" and we are all thrilled to have more new memories with it here in Colorado.

Whaaaatz up princess?? You were in the DOG HOUSE for this.

I love that Hannah has a bit of an entrepreneur spirit (and childhood still) in her!
The bff's made some $ that hour...even through the rain.

Total reconnect with a very, very old sweet friend. It was like time didn't touch us! We locked hearts again and talked and talked and talked about our journeys.
Love love loved my time with Kate!

Hitting some balls at Steve's course... on a day of ..."whatcha wanna do today?"

At a mountain course with awesome friends...
(how lucky and a blast that we have golfed THREE times this year!?)

We got the hot rollers out....just because. No fancy place to go. 
Just fer fun.
This is a picture of before.

Our volumized locks after.

Oh. la. la.

Birthday time!

You know how this blog is a "journal" for me ....a journal of pictures apparently this summer! It was full and blessed. I have to include all the goodness and joy and love and stuff. 
Here are some more celebrations. Don't you just love celebrating?
Josh's birthday...

Nana's birthday...

Tristan's birthday...


What do you do when the temperature outside... matches the temperature INSIDE your house?
Get air conditioning if it wasn't around $7,000.



Try to cool off.

Go to the pool.

Put the sprinkler under the trampoline.


River raft.

Go to an evening concert.

Go through the piles and piles of stuff that collect on a desk (and all over the house for that matter), 
with a fan blowing on you.

Have Lauren paint your nails as you lay there cooling off.
(YeeeES, these are Daddy's nails!...)

Work in the cool basement.

Play in the basement.
(I couldn't resist taking this picture. Poor Ken all dressed as a girl on a mess of a pile of Barbies!)

Paint tattoos on eachother.

Do a disturbing tattoo on Hannah.

Get a crazy tattoo on Lauren.
Have your daughter and your dog sleep in your bedroom because you have the one and only portable air conditioning unit. 
Gotta do whatcha gotta do to sleep cool, riiight?

MORE "selfies" you say? oookaaay.

Alright. That's it, folks/

The entertainment is now over.

Crazy. crazy....crazy.

My phone.

Seriously? "SELFIES".....? Only in the year 2013 will that be a definition in the dictionary.

It isn't yet. But you just wait. It will!

Selfie: cell phone pictures that you take that are crazy of yourself (or others take with your iphone) with all intended freedom and fun....and not to be embarrassing????
I don't think so.

this one CRACKS ME UP!

These were all on my phone! Only about 400 pictures of silliness.
Life at it's finest.

(I can't believe I just posted these!)

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