Sunday, May 27, 2012

Easter traditions

Decorating eggs + Church + Egg hunt + Easter dinner + Spring is blooming= Easter!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

things i've come to know

Things I've come to know lately- or reminded of:   PART 4 in random order
~Having a milk man deliver the freshest milk on the planet to your house is awesome.
~I can get 5+ Etsy orders in one night.
~Boy, oh boy...sisters can f-i-g-h-t, and do it often.
~The heart speaks way louder than the mind, if you listen.
~Good dental care is so important.
~Huge life, important things can change drastically in a day.
~Hermit crabs will go to hermit-heaven if neglected.
~I am not a "doomsday prepper" and never will be.
~Hand, body lotion and deep conditioner is so essential to living here.
~I heart (omg, it's a world that will suck you in.)
~Trials definitely create perseverance and character. And patience. And faith.
~Kids grow overnight.
~It's a lonely job being your own boss.
~It's great to listen to Dave Matthews band every time you paint.
~It is often well with my soul even in uncertainty and chaos.
~Being 12 is being stuck in between childhood and teen-hood.
~I yearn to draw.
~Those tween Disney shows on t.v. always make me giggle.
~Friendships always comfortably grow and blossom beautifully in time.
~Being a Momma rips your heart out.
~I love my "Sweaty Bums" breakfast girls.
~I so need an organized desk.
~Your personality can (and will) show through email/text.
~It's a good thing to work like an adult and play like a little kid.
~It's warms my heart when the girls ride their bikes to Nana's house- to say HI.
~God wants us to be uncomfortable at times.
~Spring here rocks.
~Take advantage of the fun, innocent kid-things when your kids are still kids.
~It's good to be reminded that love is the ONLY thing that matters.

(if you feel like seeing the other 3 "things I've come to know" go to my creative juices on the left side-n-click on it)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

lil' birdie paintings

I love that in our Art Gypsies group every month there is an example/teaching of what we will create, the supplies provided...and everyone puts their own personal spin on their own. Isn't that what art is? It's a personal expression, a feeling, a flow, and a creative endeavor of our very own. It can come through all different ways of inspiration.

Here are some cutie birds that we did on a 12x24 gallery-wrapped canvas.
Some went just with paint and a paintbrush, some went with adding some dimension.

Some went with paper and abstract free flowing paint.

Some went with stamps and distressing.

Some with color.

All in all, a great art group session.

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