Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's PARTY time!

What can be more wonderful than a full week of parties? I thought I would catch up with "blogger world" and download some of my pictures from this past week. After a relaxing Mom's Day eating out and planting flowers....Mom and I were good traveling buddies to Denver for my soon-to-be-official-sister-in-law's bridal shower we coordinated. We flew in on my 30-something birthday and ate at this scrumptious asian restuarant overlooking a pretty Colorado view. (Check out that itty bitty cake...ah, but I had big fat wish!!)

We spent the next delightful few days celebrating Steve and Heather, laughing, crying, eating....and helped plan/decide and ooo-ed and aaah-ed over wedding stuff. I told everyone I wanted to marry my hubby all over again....! (plus, Heather spent a couple hours opening an enormous mound of presents....remember how great that was girls?!)

And yet, the party continued when I got home...a surprise b-day party for Renae that us girls planned. It was fun painting some plates that she can have in Ecuador, chowin' down on the gorgeous cake that Lori created, and just being girls! We loved honoring her as the incredible friend that she is...we love you and will miss you these next 5 weeks!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Girls, girls, girls!

Girlfriends can be so sassy!
We tenderly open our hearts and souls- laugh, cry and hope together!

We are constantly blessed with relaxing, comfortable smiles and goofin' around!

We love to relax, belly laugh & share our stories and moments. Forever friendship are continually true, pure and just plain delightful!

Motherhood can be (and is!) an incredibly complicated endeavor. I has made us all into remarkable women. We can juggle a zillion things-- and can be excellent getting it all done (most of the time!!). In all of the details of being mommy's and women....we need some "sistas" to help us along. Friends fill the soul and make the path of this amazing journey all the sweeter! I thank God daily for you all-- and am always blessed to call you dear friends! What a fun week it was last week- I love ya...

Loving the arts!

From the time little L could hold a crayon, she has been so taken by art (takes after someone I know!). She has always been content with sitting and creating for hours- and what adorable creations they are! (Yes, my goal is for our entire upstairs to be my kiddos little gallery from all the sweet artwork I have) We got to praise L for the 2nd time this year. Earlier she had a "Critter Creature" go to state to be judged and will be displayed at the East Texas Fair. Then this past weekend at the Tyler Artfest her fruit/vegetable still life was displayed with about a dozen other Owen's artists. This Artsfest is so great...incredible TISD art and we spent most of the morning making stuff from all of the booths. Of course, Mommy looooved it just as much as the girls and insanely proud of Lauren!

Hannah was part of an adorable play/dance/singin' program at Owens (and again later at the Artfest) this past week. She had a big part in a musical part and did a dance with streamers at the end. The 2nd graders really put on such an awesome performance...especially our sweet Hannah!
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