Sunday, December 15, 2013

five of us....fabulous and forty

After almost a year in planning- and going back and forth, back and forth- we finally decided on a Florida beach. Coming from California, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Georgia to Florida wasn't all that easy. But we did it. We all turned forty this year and we wanted to celebrate, so nothing was getting in the way of that.

Our past girl trips have been fun and fabulous, but I must say that this one was extra special. We just had a beach house, ocean and quaint little town. It was slower and we all felt a little softer I think. I fully believe each of us were not only embracing the next half of our lives, but really embracing eachother and what matters the most.

I heard that turning forty is kind of like a second puberty. It's another transition. Marking another season of our lives. We aren't young anymore, but youth is still embedded in us and we can dwell in that place knowing that we have grown and learned and that the years ahead are only going to get better and better.

I felt like we went to some vulnerable, tender spaces. We bonded our stronger and tighter heartstrings. We celebrated eachother, and connected through laughter and tears. I know we appreciate and love eachother in the highest level of friendship.

Perhaps 40 marks a more openness and coming into our own.

Settling in. Staying in the moment.

Being reflective on where we've been and where we are going.
And being okay with it all.

Embracing our true hearts. Our happys, our sads, our core personalities that have always been there from the beginning.

What a beautiful thing to have with forever friends that have known you from 30+ years ago.

Surely a rare and blessed gift like no other.

the beach

This was the beach vacation girl trip year. 
We were SO pumped and ready for sun, sand, and fun!

The sunsets were fab.

Our beach house? Fab.

Just steps away from white sand. Um....Fab.

Our view. Fab.

Chillin'....too fab.

Loads of good conversations, walks, sun.... fab.

Swimming. With or without bathing suits? Fab.
(Eek, YES...we actually did skinny dips in the evening!) 
(The secret is out.)

We cooked in most nights (Amy was the beautiful "chef" of the house) but this night we enjoyed yummo food at a downtown restaurant called "Great Southern".

Seaside, Florida

Downtown Seaside, Florida is just precious. It's perfect. It's swanky. It's a hidden beachy, high-end gem! It's the town that "The Truman Show" was filmed at with Jim Carey. Remember that movie?

In the courtyard they had a farmer's market the day we were there and there's a row of really great eatery's from silver RV's. Everything from organic food, ice cream, bbq...

No cheesy beach gifts here. Just boutiques and charming shops.

We all buy something the same every trip. It's such a great memory! This year was an adorable, petite gold necklace with a sideways heart. I wear it often and always think of my girls.

Everyone rides around in adorable bikes with baskets! Too cute.

Here's a view from downtown beach. Look at these homes on the beach! I mean really--- too perfect. All the architecture was colonial, big porches, a fabulous upper north east feel.

In another courtyard, lots of art galleries. Tons of trees and flowers around town too. Unusual for being next to the beach I thought.

We shared some more "cheers!" at a beachside bar.

Brenda had the great idea of celebrating our birthdays with DESSERT. Such a special time. We sang "Happy Birthday" to ourselves and enjoyed.

We said, screw the plates... and just dug in.

Okay. THIS picture is my FAVORITE of all of the pics taken. 
It is just us. 
As we are. Having a BLAST. 
It's blurry and just precious with our wide smiles and wide hearts.

We cheered to our husbands being so awesome holding down the forts for the time we were away. Between all of us, we left 11 kiddos.

Our last day (sad face).

See you all next year....Santa Fe here we come!

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