Monday, May 20, 2013

Goodbye Old Man Winter

A day in the life of a Foster's Saturday skiing adventure.... 
(even though it's officially green and springtime now-- these were just on my camera and downloaded!)
1. Wake up waaaay too early. With blurry eyes and heads, head to McDonald's for a healthy, preservative-free breakfast. Only the best energy for a day on the slopes. (ha.)

2. Get there at the crack of dawn and freeze our behinds off getting our gear on.

3. Walk, drag, have Daddy carry, slip on ice, pull all our gear to find a Copper Mnt. bus.

4. Get our muscles goin' on a sloooow easy run.

4. Put on our winter layers--take off our winter layers-- put on 276 spf sunscreen:)
5. Rock it like superstars on top of the world.

6. The girls rock it, Josh does some jumps, I video like a proud Mama.

7. Take a breather and eat 3lbs of greasy french fries and drink cold beer.
Only the healthiest for The Foster's.(!!)

8. Soak up not only eachother, but the winterland/athletic crowd and incredible views.

9. Get too exhausted and....decide we. are. done.

10. The females in the car take snoozers on the 1 1/2 hour ride home.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Things I've come to know- lately.

Random ponderings, thoughts and delightiful things I have come to know. Part 6, I think.

-I am done with the winter wonderland here.
Mr. Old Man Winter needs to get his act together. I'm about to wring his neck!
-Root canal pain hurts. Braces hurt. Dental bills hurt.
-Love and happiness...and a sense of  belonging and worth are universal.
-Everything. Every detail. All the days= a greater purpose than we know.
-Hannah looks WAY cuter in my clothes than I do.
-Hannah rocks at Spanish. And LOVES it. (I wish I knew what she was saying half the time!)
-Turning 40 is not a bad thing. Embrace it.
-Music can fuel your soul.
-Eating healthy does not taste very good most of the time.
-Blink too long and the moments/days will pass you up.
-Vacuum your couch. Under, over, in between. What a village will be under there!
-Laughter and friendship go hand in hand.
-I'm glad that my girls know the importance of manners, and use them most of the time.
-It's okay to let your kiddos watch every Brady Bunch episode ever made.
-Dogs are a good judge of character.
-When you aren't looking for something when you shop, you find it.
-I am writing down 50 things I want to do before I am 50. Stay tuned.
-Trust in any relationship is a really, really big deal.
-Blizzards are beautiful and peaceful. Just not in May!
-There is lots and lots of good in this world, despite the evil.
-Do you need an insane amount of rest to function how you want some days? I do.
-Speaking of simplicity and relaxation in our fast-paced world...
between society pressures, emails, voicemails, texting, apps, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...
life can be way too overwhelming and distracting-what happened to the good-ole-days??
-Having a husband that seriously rocks at building stuff, well- rocks.
-Best friends are good therapy.
-Get a nice cushy memory foam/gel bed mattress topper. You won't regret it.
-Hold close to those you love.
-Everything in my being is excited and positive about my new shop opening soon.
-There is freedom in Christ.
-Really, really fabulous life perspective is a good thing to possess.
-Give your 13 year old room to grow and change.
-In TX people say "ya'll" and "bless your heart" CO it is "I know, riiiight" and "no worries".
-It's so delightful to carve out some time for what you loooove to do.
-God's grace and truth are enough.

Yay! That's it for now. If you want more, go ahead here.

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