Saturday, March 31, 2012

here we come, springtime!

Here are a couple projects we have done with Art Gypsies. We did these great topiaries- put our own styles on the pot (with paint, stain, sandpaper) and using greenery, flowers, burlap, ribbon etc.

I'm sure that they all are adorning our homes in a lovely way! 

This past meeting we got even more in the spring mood! We had fun with paper mache eggs. We used a delightful selection of papers, fabric forms paper, ink to splatter, stickers, burlap, misc. goodies! 

Sweet to keep out in a nice spot all year long if we want.
Add some feathers, burlap, tissue for the base in the nest.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a little about Lauren

"I am" by: Lauren

I am from waking up to the sweet smell of nature
From the good taste of blueberry pancakes
From getting dressed in the big camper
From putting my brown shoes on my feet

I am from climbing into the comfortable hammock and swinging with my sister
From going on the yellow and red four wheelers with my dad
From playing with my nice cousin
From feeding my dog some food

I am from patiently waiting in the cream colored camper
while the pouring rain slows down
From the good taste of all kinds of good snacks
To eating a late dinner

I am from getting my red cozy sleeping bag ready
To watching the twinkling stars in the dark sky

That is where I'm from.
L-train (a.k.a: Lauren) is finding her place in this new life here.
Not only does she love the outdoors- she has been brave and has had a gentle, open heart to all things new this past year. The poem above was written in a book that was published by her class. Her artwork even made the front cover for the class. She is crazy creative and has this big, ever growing imagination that inspires ME all the time.
She was born this way. Putting her own creative twist on... whatever!

She stole my heart the day she was born.
She was born with being funny, honest, sensitive, quiet, emotional 
....and always up for fun. 
She goes by the beat of her own drum and knows what she wants. 
She wears her heart on her sleeve and is lovable in so many ways. 
This sweetheart-stubborn-at-times-cutie-patootie is a bright, blonde sparkle in our lives.

Girl Scouts are a pretty big thing here. It's the one thing she wanted to get involved with this year. Being that I was a huge scouter as a kid, I am loving sharing in this with her. 

(thanks for reading... these blog entries are such a journal- to never forget who we are: where we have been, where we are, and where we dream to go!) 

Friday, March 9, 2012

more Texas...

I can't say that I haven't been free of being Texas "homesick" from time to time. Being that we lived there for 14 years, we have incredible "roots" that can never be replaced. We grew, learned, loved... and ultimately became who we are today from our time in Texas.
What a thrill it was to see my precious forever friends that are such a special part of my life still. We spent plenty of time in the sun walking with tank tops and shorts (such a breath of fresh air), we caught up, relaxed, laughed...
I treasured the moments.
It was just like it always was. Precious. I miss everybody already. (sniff sniff)

So apparently Josh and Lauren bonded too while we were gone for the 4 nights. On top is a pic sent to me on Friday (9in. snow) then the other on Sunday (sunny,70temp) and YES those are Josh's toes (with no surprise that he hasn't taken it off yet!) . Lauren "blinged" them up for sure. 

off to Texas

Hannah has this adorable BFF in Texas. They have been friends for 6 years or so. She is about the sweetest girl with the most pure heart ever. Their birthday's are 2 days apart. This year- the big 12. Hannah wanted to surprise Ellie for their birthdays. Well, the surprise part didn't happen (they couldn't keep their excitement in!) but we did fly in last week. Hannah paid for half her plane ticket with her birthday money and it was perfect timing because she had 2 days off of school, spring was springing in Texas (here we come- cuz i am SO done with winter here!) and I wanted to see my BFF's too! We have officially been living here for A YEAR. Seriously? It worked out perfect and Hannah (and I) was crawling out of her skin with excitement.

They played (like, a ton outside because it was sunny and around 75), went to get pedicures, to a local fun water park, made their own birthday cake (again), Hannah was missing we just HAD to go there too. It was all about the ginormous smiles, giggles, the love, the lovely friendship that will grow and blossom in years to come I hope. 
Certainly a birthday celebration that will never be forgotten by both.

Hannah is TWELVE!

Every year since she was ONE year old, we have had the tradition to go to the Olive Garden restaurant on Hannah's birthday with family. We found one here and of course had to keep that tradition!

Okay- another tradition. My Mom always makes her cake. This year they made cake pop's
So easy (so I hear):
Bake a chocolate boxed cake according to directions on box- in a 9x13 pan.
Let cool and crumble the cake in a large bowl.
Add a container of chocolate frosting to crumbles. Form into balls and put in freezer for a bit to set.
Place stick into ball, melt chocolate and dip balls in. Then add festive sprinkles. Moist, deeeelicious and CUTE.
(You can do this with any flavor of cake/white chocolate.)

Love this 12-year old to pieces. You are my dream/wish come true, Hannah.
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