Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall break

The girls were on Fall break from Oct. 5th through 24th. It was crazy long, but a great break for them because the past months have been a whirlwind of buuusy starting school and adjusting to the newness of everything. It's no wonder that they started school so soon- a big break fer sure!
The first weeekend off and we woke up to over 4 inches of snow,
we all looked out the window and were like... "whuuuuut??" 
Melted the next day.

Picture of the girls later in the week at the river.
Uh huh.

The Foster's came to visit on Tuesday. We went to beautiful Broadmoore Hotel/Golden Bee Tavern for Sylvia's birthday and Josh had another something up his sleeve- a surprise for his Mom.

Went to Garden of the horseback riding!

Sylvia was like...."whut??"...."whuuuuuutt??" 
She said a zillion prayers, was crazy scared...but Bob tried to ease her tense bones. 
Bob, the horse she got- was the laziest, slowest horse ever. 
Yea, I didn't think that helped though.

It was a perfect clear day.... most of us had fun.

Ok. Here's Warren. He has been talking about going to a "dude ranch" for awhile now. He was pleasantly surprised to get on a horse. His horse was "Hercules" and was HUGE. It was quite a sight to see an almost 80-year old on enormous Hercules. My in-laws were such troopers!!

I had "Winnie"and Josh had fast "Indian" and was the caboose- trying to stay behind pathetic Bob and take video, pictures and make sure everyone was keepin' it together:)

We visited, talked, ate, ate, ate, shopped...all the things you do with family/guests. 
It ended up being a delightful Co. visit for the girlies break. 

creative juices

Finished these sweet owls for Lauren's room this past week. They go with her bedding in the picture below. The girls rooms are slowly coming together. The lofts that Josh built are awesome- Lauren's is complete with a fireman pole. (pics of Hannah's pad later) I feel like I'm saying goodbye (sniff sniff) to pink, princess and shabby chic frill for the girls spaces. It's now bright, bold and on the retro-mod side. 

Here are the kiddos: Tristan's first painting (he was so neat and tidy!) and the girls and I did some salt dough Fall figures. You know, salt, water and dough? 

They turned out cutie. We painted and sealed them to last forever. 
Ya know cuz I am gonna look at these years from now and be like all teary eyed...goin'...aaawwww

The next few pictures are from this months ART CLUB. We decided to call ourselves "Art Gypsies". Sweet friend, Kim facilitated this time and these turned out adorable. 

We had 10" unfinished wooden doors, painted them, added some vintage cutouts, added bling, wire, holiday goodies. Great for hanging over a door knob...

...or as a Christmas ornament. 
Thanks, Kim- so fun!

Still chuggin' along with these name signs on my shop- always a hit!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Komen "Race for a Cure"

Denver has the world's largest "Race for a Cure" 5K walk/run. It raises a ton of money and Heather's Mom is honored during the walk each and every year in celebration of her breast cancer fight- 31 years ago! Dawn is a perfect example of the hope, strength, success and LIFE within the battle of breast cancer. I was excited to be a part of it this year.

We all loved being a part of the thousands and thousands of participants. There were so many running/walking with celebration and with memory. All the woman (and men) flashing so much pink, costumes of all sorts and most of all: doing this in love and remembrance. It was delightful and heart-warming along with bits of sadness in knowing the millions of women who are fighting or have lost the fight with breast cancer.

A fun and beautiful day (an early one!) in a cool city with lovely ladies.

The 23rd.

You have my whole heart for my whole life, babe.

Josh and I have always celebrated September 23. It was our first date 23 years ago and our wedding date 16 years ago. It's just always been our special day. So, we decided to head out for a little 3 day get-away last week to celebrate. J had some business stuff to do down in Santa Fe, so I tagged along. 

We pooled it at a very Southwest and charming, authentic hotel.

I had a day on Wednesday to myself while J worked, so I hit the plaza area for art galleries, architecture (this was the most amazing church), shopping... and later we chowed at 2 of our favorite restaurants.


We headed an hour south to Albuquerque and stayed at the modern Hard Rock hotel with music memorabilia and casino (where I was on a winning streak on the penny slots(ha!)...went from $4 to $100...then lost $70 again, but a couple hours of pure entertainment/excitement).

The picture below is in "Old Town" Albuquerque. A quaint, old section with tons of Mexican restaurants (yea, that is ALL we ate the whole trip) and old architecture. This restaurant was built in 1706 and it had a huge tree growing through one of the ceilings...

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