Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hello summer!

Goodbye school year and all the papers and homework. 

Hello sunshine.

Hello more walks with friends and Polly.

Hello fishing.

Hello boating.

Hello more family time.

Hello pool time.

Hello flavor-ice.

Hello more time with sweet friends.

Hello summer toes. 

Hello camping.

Hello playing!

Hello backyard chillin'.

Hello birthday celebrations.

Hello sister love.

Hello fresh flowers.

Hello planting flowers.

Hello Lauren!

a butterfly birthday

renewal- strength- rebirth

A regenerative species, butterflies consistently transition from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. Giving us faith in change, the butterfly is associated with unwavering grace, soulful insight, and eloquence on our journey. Channel the energy of the butterfly and emerge brilliantly from your transformation.
                                                                                                                                                        -Alex and Ani

I loved this beautiful writing about butterflies. It also warms me from top to bottom when those I love remember the meaning behind them for my life. 

I was certainly flooded with fluttery gifts this year:
butterfly ring
butterfly Pandora necklace
Alex and Ani butterfly bracelet
butterfly applique on a black cowboy hat
butterfly earrings
butterfly hooks for the wall
butterfly wooden sign
adorable butterfly holders
....even butterfly car air fresheners!

I wanted to spend the day with my favorite girls.

We spa'd it...and pampered ourselves...

and got our toesies all cute'd up!

Speaking of is mine.

and a couple cuties more.

We cooked out and blew some candles out.

I opened some more goodies (love Tristan photo-bombing!)

A birthday dinner out with my sister-in-law and fun friend...
and then ANOTHER birthday night out with some other sweet friends.
Thanks for the cowgirl hat, Kerstin! 
(you're taking me back to my Texas roots!)

Speaking of sweet friends...I have this dear friend in South Caroline. We send eachother "Me Too" boxes filled with all sorts of fun and joy through the year. This birthday box was filled with all the the things that make her happy....and they all make me happy too. Thanks ME TOO!

Love the sentimental gifts- just little reminder of some big dreams between myself and another dear sista. 
My new favorite mug.

And flowers...okay, what girl doesn't like to receive flowers? And from another girl- even better!

I. am. spoiled. and blessed beyond measure.

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