Thursday, May 19, 2011

the monkeys.

So we were almost done at the zoo.
But, alas...we can't forget about seeing the gorillas and chimpanzees, etc.
Oh please tell me- who doesn't just love monkeys?! Well, apparently we do. There were lots of them and we so enjoyed them. Like, I am talking about belly-rolling-laughter enjoying them. I couldn't resist putting some of these pictures on here. They are even quite the artists. No really, look at them! Talk about A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E.
Beware: the last picture is R-rated. Seriously.

the zoo

we got to feed birds, giraffes, pet joeys (baby kangaroos)...
the girls were just walkin' along next to a peacock...then pow, it decided to show off- 
too cool.

 really Josh? alright, I'll try...and NO I didn't get licked. eew!
Ya know when you have one of those days and it's just a plain-ole-good one? It certainly wasn't today- I woke up with a case of the grumpy's. Good days filled with sunny skies, relaxation, being with the best people ever, laughing, good food, breathing in the moments? Last Friday was one of those. We went to gorgeous "Garden of the God's" park in Co Springs and then to Cheyenne Mountain zoo. A zoo totally on a mountain. These were some pictures of the day.... a bit of a birthday thing with the fam.
my...dag, how old am I now?...birthday wish...with help from some cutie's

"In spite of illness, in spite even of sorrow, one can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things, and happy in small ways." -Edith Wharton

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sPriNg? wiNteR? crazy?

Here is a glance at the weather here this spring so far:
May 11: go to Lowe's and get veggies/fruits to be planted in our garden; almost 80, sweating a bit.
May 12: Five to six inches of snow overnight.
May 13: Snow melted. Perfect.
May 14: More snow. Massive flakes.
May 15: 40 degrees; winter
Today: the girls put bathing suits on tonight, jumped in the pool; spring

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom's Day

some of my favorite's:
family (especially two lil' ladies-n-a man who rocks my world)
sleepin' in (that doesn't surprise anyone)
breakfast in bed
homemade goodies to eat with 3 other amazing Mom's
bright blue skies, sunshine, spring breezes, perfect temp
cheesiest pizza (bonus: chowin' on it outside w/ mnt view)
Monopoly (workin on it on our kitchen table for THREE nights now)
Modern Family show (yea, recorded: watched 2x)
All this = a lovely Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2011


I applause (standing ovation really), take my hat off, and seriously bow down to all the home school mother's out there. It's a special and grand thing you are doing.

I certainly can somewhat handle the home/Mommy part of the homeschooling thing but not-too-sure about the school part of my role right now these past 4-5 weeks. It. Is. Tough. I don't mind having the girls home all day-for the most part-but instruction and books and lessons? THAT's another story.

Let me explain the homeschooling thing. We (meaning Mommy/Daddy and Lauren's teacher) figured that since the girls only had about 8 weeks or so of school left and we had not found a home yet, finishing the school year in our place would be the best option for our tender, sweet one's. Being that this is such a huge transition for us, we wouldn't have wanted them to be stressed out about starting at a strange school, summer starting, and then starting them at a completely different one in August. So their incredible teachers gave me some of the material I need to finish the school year off. Aaaaand....they like it...for the most part. As for me: a big adjustment along with too many other adjustments and to-do's right now. Having a very traveling hubby, adjusting to our new life, trying to find a house, car...AND instruct (let alone keep a handle on) two kiddos= losing my mind at times.

I'm truly hoping to get the hang of this just a little. Perhaps the days may slow down a tad for me to focus on just a couple things. Who knows if it will be school stuff. Josh thinks I am super at teaching essential "life skills" like cooking/baking, opening and keeping a bank account, letter writing, creativity.....
Alrighty. Sounds good to me.
So we have this incredible-huge-modern library 5 minutes from here. This is an example of our ginormous pile when we go EVERY week. The girls work on chapter books, poetry, Where's Waldo, crafts.... I, myself,  have flipped through everything from gardening, to cooking, to decorating and read a couple great non-fiction books. The girls love it too. Hey, at least they are reading alot right?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a journey.

 What I've come to know these past weeks: 
    (in no particular order; just as they come to me)
- always dress in layers in Colorado
- dry air= dry skin= Aveeno heavy moisture cream
- miracles happen every day
- you can meet a new forever friend in a day
- teeny tiny babies are only teeny once
- parks are good for your soul and for homeschooled kiddos daily built up energy
- homeschooling?? see the next blog post :)
- it's good + so hard at times to be patient
- some days are incredibly exhausting and difficult at times: pray through them
- we are all connected; every one of us
- Grandma's rock (and family in general I must say)
- it's a fab-u-lous thing in Stacey-world to have Target, Michaels, Chickfila in walking distance
- second floor apartments and dogs don't gel
- little boys named Tristan are full of sugar and sweetness
- creative artsy dreams are always in reach
- there's nothing like the smell of a newborn baby
- you can trust your inner, delicate instincts
- true friends are never far and always true
- appreciate your hubby that works so hard every day; and tell him often
- a bank lender these days dissects every penny of yours when buying a home
- you can sell a car on Craigslist in less than 12 hours
- you can buy a car on Craiglist in less than 12 hours
- it takes about 5x to become used to/comfortable with new things
- you can live with far less than what you have
- every detail of every day works out according to God's delightful timing


1- Community neighborhood egg hunt/activities/food (like, thooousands of filled eggs).
2- Lunch and egg coloring tradition at Uncle Steve/Aunt Heather's.
3- Lovely church service.
4- Feast @Nana's.
5- Baskets.
6- Naptime.
7- About a day later: a new angel in the family born.
8- ...feelin' the love.

Every time I get a snuggle, I want to put adorable Tyler in my pocket and take him home with me. Got some baby fever!!
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