Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Years

Goodbye 2013. 

Dave (Josh's oldest bro) and his new wife, Molly from Jackson Hole came to visit us over Christmas break. We went to Red Rocks and then to the mountain zoo in CO Springs.

Super cool that you can feed the giraffes.
Geez they have long tongues!

They did this great bear feeding. Mr. Fuzzy grizzly bear was super trained and did all these tricks and such. Too cool.

We bonded with the monkeys.
Like, ALL of us sat and studied and stared at them quietly. 

They are SO fun to watch. There were two babies...

Here are the three monkey's. The girls love having Molly's daughter as a new cousin. She is precious!

New years Eve dinner. We did our share of cooking the past couple weeks! (whew.)

Some sillies over the new year coming!

Way too many silly pics. 

Be prepared for more...

Josh/Stacey Christmas happenings

So every year we have FUN doing a Christmas card picture. Who has FUN doing family pictures? Not  very many I don't think. But, we sure do try. This is the 6th year we have done something a bit different, authentic and an experience that has become a unique family tradition. This year we had a thought of doing something with lights. We were kind of in a hurry, so it's not the clearest pic....but thought it was cute. So, we went with it. 
Sometimes ya just have to go with it, right?

Kim and Becky had another cookie exchange. I must confess: I didn't bring cookies! Who doesn't bring cookies to a cookie exchange? That'd be ME this year. I was so overwhelmed with too many Etsy orders, and way too many Christmas lists of "to-get, to-do, to-....." You know, all the "to-do's" that Mama's do. It  was a tad too much for me to bake several dozen yummy cookies. 

Kim (um, THE best gourmet cook ever!) did lunch for all the ladies. 
Can I say, PERFECT? Yep.
Do you see the wreath made of parsley? 

We did a PROGRESSIVE DINNER this year. It was a total blast and success! About 15 friends went to Rachel's for cocktail and appetizers, 
then to Kim's (best cook!) for tenderloin and yummies, 
then to us Foster's for desserts and White Elephant gift exchange. 

The celebrations weren't over yet. My big bro. His birthday par-tey!

the girls holiday happenings

The girls take piano from an amazing piano teacher. They are mind-blowing good in my ears. Like, how'd ya do that good! Here they are at their piano recital. 
They totally rocked it. Proud Mama FOR SURE.

Everyone agreed that they rocked it.

Lauren knits. I haven't a clue how to knit. She taught herself. 
Kinda like piano, I haven't a clue. 
This girl inspires me each and every day!
PS: Good thing she made these. It has been FREEZING here.

She decided to do some name signs for her circle of friends. 
She did them all, I just helped with the lettering. 
They all were adorable.

The girls went to "zoo lights" with family one night.
It was apparently FREEZING that night.

Speaking of family...we LOVE watching the boys.
They are loving our "Barbie world". I am talking...they dress them up and play house, etc. Not sure if my brother is totally on board with it! Ha! The pink and stuff rounds their personalities out. Right?

Lauren's BFF's

Hannah's BFF's at the "Star Lighting" in our small downtown. It is precious annual thing and very "Norman Rockwell" feeling. Music, restaurants, stores, Santa....everyone sings Silent Night with candles. Super sweet. By the was FREEZING that night!

Our Polly turned 4. She's a big girl now.

But she still gets freaked out by her candle. 

Did I mention that we had a  REALLY cold FREEZING week or two in December.
Yes. We did.

Christmas Day

"Every year at this time, in cold and dark DECEMBER, families around the world all gather to remember with presents and with parties. With feasting and with fun. Customs and traditions for people old and young. "
-Helen H. Moore

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is my favorite. Everything slows down. There are no expectations. You get somewhat gussied up and head to church to reflect and remember the reason for all the hustle and bustle. I love it. 
Blurry pictures in this post. Cell phone downloads!

We head to Heather's folks for dinner and just hangin' out.
I love just hangin' out around those I love the most and a warm fireplace.

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