Friday, October 23, 2009


I have been painting quite a bit lately getting ready for two shows in November, etc. The other day I was thinking about my girls and their sweet "friends" that they snuggle with, wrap up when its cold in their bedrooms, even celebrate their birthdays.

Hannah has adored "Dee Dee" and "Kitty" since she was about 6 months. Lauren has "Sally" and a zillion others. Sally has been the most special since she was itty bitty. I always want to remember these sweet family members, but I know that time is going way to fast and soon they will not be as important and special as they are right now.

So, here is Sally. I enjoyed every moment of painting her and thinking of my little L.

I'm sure your little one's have blankets and buddies that give them comfort and security. Let me know if you want me to paint them for you so that you can always remember this tender love.  It would be my pleasure.

Yard Sale 2009

I am convinced that our house has magical powers (and perhaps yours does too) because every year the square footage seems to get smaller by stuff in it multiplying. Now, I am not much of a shopper, hoarder, or compulsive really... so how does this happen? Our garage has been packed to the rim these past couple months. I have been my Mom's "personal pushy purger" helping her get ready for her house to be up for sale. Her piles kept piling up with ours.

There really is something about garage sales that's just so much fun to me. No, not the part about getting ready for one but the part of making it fun. Having one and going to one is a bit of a thrill to me to be honest. Not just the challenge of the search, the awesome stuff you can find, but the memories behind it too.

Perhaps it's in my blood. An adventure when we would go to my Grandma's would often be to search out garage sales for big wheels (a big hole in the tire didn't matter!), stuffed animals that were taller than we were, games, etc. It's a memory that will always be cherished about Grandma and Grandpa's house. (She really DID have the coolest stuff...I know my cousins can agree with me :-)

Mom brought over my old (and very cool) Barbie convertible. Whaaat? I said. The dirt that was embedded in the seats when I was 7 was still in it. We can't possibly get rid of THIS! (we didn't)

Big wheels that were outgrown. boo hoo. My babies are growing up. (I know, it is waaaay past time to say goodbye to these!)

I put this one in for you, Steve. I remember your toes sticking through this blanket when you would be snoozing as a small kiddo.

Okay, this one is just for laughs. I used to do this Jane Fonda VCR tape as a teen! The 80's rocked!

Anyone want a kitchen table? Golf cart? Still FOR SALE. (hey, this is cheap advertising)

The girls made some serious cash from donuts, brownies, drinks. It was like they went to Disney or something, they has so much fun. The grandpa's tipped them pays to be CUTE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

rain, rain...go away..

Josh has some leftover wood, enough tools....just a few more things from Lowe's and we can start building the Ark.

No seriously, are we the only one's that are done with the rain? What is up? Does mother nature not know that I am solar-powered?

The rain didn't hold us Foster's back these past few weeks.

So, what do you do on rainy, gloomy weekends?

You do some backyard campin' and have a moist, dripping tent the next day or so.

                You have a cozy fire and eat oooey, gooey cheesy pizza.

You hike at a nearby park with waterproof coats for the bigger raindrops.

You snuggle up, nap and get a good nights rest from the coughs and sneezes lately, too.

Whaaaatcha say? Big garage sale next weekend? (Ooooh yea, we're brave.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

sweet flutters

So, here they are. I told quite a few of you that I would be "unveiling" some of my little projects on the first week of October. Is it really October already? 

Where did these come from you say? Well, here's the thing. I have been so blessed these past 9 years or so doing custom work with murals, canvas, wood, etc. I have been thinking a lot (and praying about) what direction to go with my art, what I want to do, and what can sell? I know that cash is tight for many right now, so I want to keep a lot of my work under $30 but still have a style and "feeling" behind my it.

Here was the question for me...what is it that I like to draw and paint? Well, I don't know! Everything I have done through the years have coordinated with others needs. (Of which I have loved, though!) So, being encouraged and inspired by several books I have been reading I needed to dig deep and see what it is I enjoy.

~I really, really like painting with watercolors. The softness, challenge and look.
~I'm so in love with everything family. Especially two innocent, blonde-headed angels who inspire me daily.
~Butterflies represent so much in my life and I love them. (you already knew that!)
~Have always enjoyed sweet sayings, fonts, and to alter my writing in every which way possible...ever since I was a kid.
~I gravitate towards light/fresh colors, simple shapes and design.
~One of my many big dreams is to someday write and illustrate a children's book.

No mouth. No nose. No arms. I really love what these little one's reflect. Childhood innocence, sweetness and purity. They each have their own personality and I told Josh that they "talk" to me! (Seriously, but don't think I'm weird.) I hope they do the same to you.

They are all "Stacey originals" and can be personalized with a specific haircolor, look, special saying, name, scripture. You name it.

The sizes I have been doing are 5x7 and 8x10. They are all matted. Some are framed with as a 9x13. I'll have about 20 different one's will be up on etsy. com very shortly. (If you haven't been on this site and love anything handmade, are crafty/arty yourself...where have you been? I am personally a tad obsessed with it to be honest.)

Let me know what you think, what you like..whatever. Bring it on! I know you are looking at this...I would really like to hear from you even if I don't know you. (I will be nice, I promise)

Keep coming back! ...more boys, sweet gifts for teachers, grandma's, etc.

Month of October= handpainted furniture.
(My joyfully, patient hubby is probably thinking this furniture will forever take over his garage!)
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