Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here are some of our creative Easter endeavors-
Little marshmallow bunnies for the table...

Egg dying/decoration tradition....

Our little bunnies...

We woke up Easter morning to pouring rain/thunder and our power out. Ice cold showers with no hair dryer....yeah, we opted to not show up in ball caps and nasty church unfortunately didn't happen. The girls love, love, love to look for eggs. Something we did all week actually. So, they were happy to get their little baskets (filled with a cross that we give them every year & of course some goodies) and did that again. We ate a big ham, Josh made German potatoe salad from an old Foster recipe, and most importantly gave thanks for Jesus being Risen, yes- indeed!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Springtime this and that

Ask Josh- I have always loved delicate, teeny-tiny wildflowers that sprout up. And no, they aren't weeds! God's goodness and miracles are revealed everywhere. How could it be any other?

We have watched this little bird nest over our front window- the babies are getting ready to fly- and momma bird keeps their bellies full. It reminds me that I/we are the same really- trying to "feed" our babies to get them ready to "fly"!

We have had many cows (and a little calf) in our backyard lately. It's great that we have land/prairie in our backyard with farm animals that we don't have to take care of. We don't own that land, we just enjoy the view (but not the stink at times)!

I cherish everything about spring. Always have. I love more sun (I'm solar-powered ya know), sweet smelling winds (no allergies here), breaking out the flowery short sleeves, growth so fresh and new everywhere, playing outside... the list can go on.
I wanted to thank you all for the love and prayers these past weeks for me. It has been a tough few weeks and I am ready to be feeling like Stacey again. I want to choose to look for the rainbows (just like you say, Mom) in everything. Yesterday was one of those days when you say "it just doesn't get much better than this". Family, girls giggling (not like that is rare!), playing (not really rare either), a sunburn (yes, rare-on this pathetically white body of mine), a pizza picnic, sitting and gazing at the stars (and my hubby too!), relaxing by a fire... you get the picture. We plan on taking alot of time out to enjoy. Before we know it we are gonna be in the dog-dayz of summertime!

Hannah & Lauren Land

Lauren writes notes everywhere around the house- about everything. They are precious and crack us up so much. I actually found these lists of "My Wishes" on the girls bathroom sink and thought they were just adorable. I love how the girls flutter around the house and think up the craziest playtimes with each other. I am so happy that they have eachother and their amazing little world together. My hope is that they will always be best friends and so in love with one another. I will always remember the moments. These are all of the small moments that make up the love and sweetness of this life (that I must say- is going too fast).

"My Wishes"
1. talk to animals
2. reid minds
3. be invisibl
4. To fly
5. have a camera in my dreams, so in the moning I could wach it
6. to float on water. like jump in and I would float
7. I could meet the tooth fairy
8. I could get light from the sun like Iridessa (a fairy from Tinkerbell land)
9. I could go presto and my farot comershol is on the t.v.
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