Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hannah's pretty ears!

Hannah has been wanting her ears pierced for f o r e v e r it seems. Mommy said that she didn't want to torture her daughters by having to wait until they were 13 (sorry, Mom)...and so I have been saying "okay". Well- Daddy had, like, age 20 in mind before she could get them pierced. And he also says she won't start dating until she's 30! hee! hee!
Oh yes, he caved in...and we got them done. We had some "girl support" from the Anderson's (and Rachel's phone camera...c'mon, how could I have forgotten my camera??) and she did it. It was a full life circle for me (as I watch with cloudy eyes and know why her leg is twitching with nerves) because it was just yesterday for me. Heavens, I did have to wait until I was 13!! (still love ya, Mom:-)

Anyway- I had to literally sign my life away for her to do this. It was like buying a house--all the signatures and initials. IT IS 2008 NOW. She has to clean her ears 3x a day and looks just adorable. I said "Hannah, how do you feel?". With a glimmer in her eye, she says "different....I feel kinda GROWN UP."
And I say...."whoooa, waaaait a minute now....."

Only the latest and greatest gifts!

Okay, maybe not the latest- but seems to be pretty great (just not when it is too blazing hot out!). Lauren got a croquet set from Nana (yes, among other six yr. old girly gifts too) and we have been fascinated with this new to us- old game.

I said to Josh..."honey, whatcha want for Father's Day?" He says... "I want one of those things on T.V. that gets rid of the 2 inch of thickness on your foot." Okay. So, a "Ped Egg" is what he got! Us girls figured that if he likes this... then surely he will like "Mighty Putty" as well. Let's go for the other $9.99 wonder! It really is amazing too. (I know you have seen the commercial for it- and our men secretly would love it!) He can now fix, mend, and smooth out things with both. What every man wants. Ha.
(Now really...this perfectly amazing Daddy actually got $ to get some new shirts and towards purchasing a new guitar. We aren't that bad!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A day in the life of a 6yr old's BIRTHDAY!

First breakfast in bed- fit for a princess. Mommy even picked fresh flowers in the field next to us....yup, crazy in love.

Then off to the b-day party she started planning the day after she turned 5! Ha! An ice cream sundae party (with sprinkles and cherries of course!)at a small sprinkler/spray playground near town.

Then home to open more presents from grandparents and parents and off to Olive Garden to eat a big bowl of noodles...a definite Lauren favorite and a birthday tradition to pig out at O.G.

We were overjoyed to be celebrating and honoring Lauren on Saturday. We love this very blonde, sensitive, creative little princess that has a smile that lights up the room! Here's to another year of wonderful you!

School's out for summer!

Oh where, oh where, did the school year go? I know that they say when your kids enter grade school...the years fly by...but geez, c'mon! On Tuesday Lauren graduated from kindergarten (yep, diploma and sweet!) and on Wednesday Hannah said goodbye to 2nd grade. I really cannot believe I will have a 1st grader and a 3rd grader in August. They both had a super year. Lauren "came out of her shell" a bit, made some darling friendships, and learned how to read from the absolute best kindergarten teacher ever, Mrs. Miller (she was born to be a kindergarten teacher!). As for Hannah- she enjoyed Mrs. George (of whom wanted to take Hannah home, she loved her so much!) and was honored with quite a few awards, including being on the A Honor Roll. A big HOORAY for all the hard work this year! A momma couldn't be more proud!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Field Days!

The girls are at the end of the school year- and I cannot believe it! Field day was pretty steamy, but fun- as always.

Here's a pic of L's best friend. Being that L is painfully shy... we got her in with Hannah's old classroom teacher (of which is sooo awesome!) so that she would feel comfortable with someone she knew and comfortable with familiar surroundings this year. I felt so good with this...but still had a really tough time with "letting go" my precious, shy little Lauren. I prayed and prayed all summer that she would have ONE buddy to make her feel comfortable at school. (C'mon...a friend does make everything better!) Well, I had a very teary, boo-hooin' day that first day dropping her off...moped around all day...and anxiously went to go pick her up. Okay- here L comes prancing out from school (with not a care in the world!)holding hands with this adorable little girl. With a big smile...the first thing she says is "Mommy, Mommy...I made a new best friend today...and her name is Lauren, too!!" Oooooh, God is so GOOD!

This sweet girl has taken care of my Lauren so much all year. She is a social butterfly in class (thus, pretty much talking for Lauren!) and has been such a blessing to her in more ways I can mention. And check them cuter can this be...!!

Two of Hannah's best buds at school!

H can "hoop" for hours...

and they're off...
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