Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All about Hannah lately.

She got her drivers license!

And she's off.

Sniff. sniff.
How can this be?

She lettered in academics this year!
Like, seriously? 
(She did not want me to take a picture of her.)

Too bad. I took one anyway.
This mama (and daddy) are PROUD of her!

She rocks as a babysitter.

She is doing some volunteering. 
Making blankets for newborns in need at Denver Health hospital. 
She also built/made gardens with youth group at our church for a day care for disabled/challenged adults. Go Hannah!

I couldn't resist taking another picture of her driving herself and Lauren to school in the morning. 

Carpool/driving/picking up the girls for school ...
for the last TWELVE years. 

Done for me.
(I'm not complaining!)

She is so rockin' (and loving) graphic design and photography.

She's growing up way to fast.

A little about Lauren lately.

She had to get her braces on again.
Round two.

She's just so cute.

She takes fun creative pics with her iphone.

She said she was just doing a "rough draft" and doodling in class.
With her simple mechanical pencil.
For real?
(And I think this eye looks like hers.)

She is on Snapchat way way way too much.
(I know, it's me. Scary right?)

Daddy let her go to town on one of his guitars.
With a Sharpie marker!

She loves her naps.
Just like her mama...needing her sleep!

She loves volleyball.

She finds the funniest food and always seems to eat heart shaped food!

She still loves the snow!

So she always does some kind of art (if needed and allowed) with a few assignments at school. This one was a little booklet for health class. She sketched all the Pooh characters in like 15 minutes. 

Just free hand

I couldn't help taking quick pictures of them.

Easter egg time!

So I don't know what it was this year about our traditional Easter egg decorating.

Josh is getting all pumped up thinking hard on his design.

We all didn't have all of our creative juices flowin' I suppose.

Except for Miss Lauren's little Miss Sunshine egg. 
She won the prize for CUTE!

Mine broke.
I tried Elmo.
I gave up.
Grabbed some salt.
Ate the broken egg.

Daddy got his design on:)

Somebody loves Chickfila!

She tried. 
She got an A for effort!
Ha! Look at Hannah. 

Craziness with the big and little kiddos on Easter.

Church. Baskets. Brunch.

Happy Easter!
He is RISEN!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Winter golf.

There's this new place here that I love. 
Now let me tell you, I love golf. 
Always have...since I was twelve.
But certainly don't play as much as I want.

It is family for me. 
It is fun for me. 
It is relaxation and air and beauty for me. 
It is some of my favorite memories of me and my Dad.

There is this golf place that's called TopGolf. It is so cool.
It is modern, indoor and is THREE large stories high.
Here we were for Steve's birthday. There was snow and we were golfing.
They have warm couches, heaters, waiters that bring warm food and drinks to you...

For big people and little people.

And night time golf!
Kind of like bowling...but much cooler.
Here we are for a sweet friends birthday...and the targets lit up!

Good times I tell ya.
Golf, good food, friends, family...

doesn't get much better.

Gettin' creative.

The Broncos. 
You can't live in Colorado and not love them.
And get in the spirit of football!

We were pumped they were in the Superbowl...
so Lauren painted the spirit!

Must have worked...

'cuz we all got creative (sneaking junk food!)...

And they WON!

Here are the kiddos with their creative Valentine's.

Here the kiddos are creating creative play!

Gettin' creative...creating food.

Local handmade craft beers. Um, creative? 
I think so!

Creating with friends... (it's important!)

Me and my creative space.

Not so clean,

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