Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Summer stuff

Hiking the trails near our house.

Me and my little buddy. We had such a fun date one day!

Celebrating a sweet girlfriends birthday!

Went downtown Denver to see Big Head Todd & the Monsters with Kristen/Brian.

Pooling it.

My bro got a razor! It's so cool. 
(That's Nana with the boys!)

His "Olympic" birthday party!

Look at the card Hannah did!

Hannah's first job

Lot's of salads
CV vs. DC

Yummy food at the Jones'

Dance party and fireworks at a friends...

Josh and his biking.

OH yea....we put our house up for sale!

Garage sale. 
We are still perplexed as to where it all comes from...

The girls and the planter.

I had to get my license renewed, and Hannah needed to get her first one! We went together! 
So we look like depressed prison mates. The new Colorado license plates require you to be "serious" and not smile. 
We really aren't this sad.

Sold Mr. PopUP camper. We just weren't using it as much as we wanted.

Love our little table out on our patio. 
We found it on the side of the road with a "FREE" sign on we grabbed it!

Twenty One Pilot concert

The day had come.

Lauren was ready! 
Kind of....

The hike up Red Rocks, and the crowds were crazy. The tickets that I got were open seating. So fingers and all limbs were crossed that they could get as close as possible.

Her bestie came with her! For fun and some emotional support, perhaps!

The tour buses.
The gang.

They ended up scoring some serious sweet seats! Super close.
Look at the crowd. Josh said that he had never been to a concert that had such hard core fans and EVERYONE was simultaneously pumped.

Too cool. 
It was a full moon that night as well, so the lights and the rocks and the music... awesome.

The show ended up being one of the best Josh has ever been to....and quite a moment for Lauren's first ever concert.

She will never forget it.

Tears on the way home too!!

A birthday surprise.

There's this band. We have two people in our family who LOVE their music. 
Like, one of them is slightly obsessed. Knowing every meaning of every lyric, the lead singers past, get the idea. One night I decided to look for tickets because they were coming to concert here. Got online...and what? Awesome deals? 
Let's get 2 tickets for Lauren and Daddy.
I called Lauren in the room and told her that we will be surprising Daddy.

This is what happened....
PURE joy. 
Happy tears.
Like, she was shaking.
She had to excuse herself from the computer to put herself together a bit.
Too cute!

Twenty One Pilots, you have one devoted fan!

Meanwhile, Hannah and him had their special time...

And got pedicures.
No he has never had a pedicure.
And yep, he loved it.

He got his ticket!

Grilling that night.

Celebrating the Cavs win!

Sheet cake, vanilla ice cream= a Josh Foster fav.

                                  One awesome birthday for the most awesome man.

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