Wednesday, January 20, 2010

january jibber-jabber

Okay, it's January-something. Wednesday I think. Time for a blog entry. I have neglected this blog and blog-world in general all month I suppose. I have been the most unmotivated blonde in a fuzzy grey sweater and yoga pants these days. It's been cold and drab outside...I've just been a give-me-a-hot-cup-of-tea-and-a-Snuggie woman.

My heart has certainly been aching for the country of Haiti, my sis-in-law... and a cutie in our house that is getting over a bad case of pneumonia. The January gremlins have hit.

On the drive to and from Colorado for Christmas I had time to sit (alot of time!) and read, reflect and review my new year resolutions. My resolutions are more like goals, dreams, aspirations and a dose of hope for each day to come ('cuz there is always hope, ya know). Have I looked or done much with these since? Uuuh, NOPE.  I have had glimpses and moments of inspiration (with a bit of passion in there too) but these January days haven't gotten me too far. Perhaps I need a touch of green outside, some sunshine on my cheeks or in my hair, go buy a really pretty colorful shirt to wear... and a get a big positive creative-shove. Anybody with me? 

*Here is "Sockeye" finally finished. (Isn't he cute?) He's Dave and Juliet's full-of-life Boston Terrrier. I've never painted a dog it was fun. He's coming your way up to Ohio~ xo.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Colorado Christmas

For every new love that enters a family, there are hearts that are full. What a truly perfect gift it was for us Foster's to finally meet Tristan John Whiting. He is an angel that dropped down to give everyone all the joy, hope and wonder a new sweetheart can innocently give. We oo-ed and aaw-ed at his adorable little grins, enjoyed every sweet snuggle and were delighted, with misty eyes, remembering the beauty of the circle of life.

 Here is the gang with the traditional Santa hat picture. Gastorf's...I know you love this one!

It was indeed cold there, but that didn't matter one bit. The three times we went sledding was a total freezy blast. I hadn't been sledding for years and we all enjoyed it just as much as these two little snow bunnies who couldn't get enough of the white stuff.

We all think that Lauren thought the powdery snow was warm coastal sand or something. She would throw herself into piles (and throw piles at anyone in her path!) wherever we were.

After lots of unwrapping (like, 5 hours on Christmas Day...I'm not kiddin'!) eating great food, sliding in the snow, laughing, movie watching, and squeezing all the love outta Tristan... we decided to hit a couple cool museums near Denver.

Here are two little one's filled with wonder and awe gazing at an awesome aquarium we visited.

This is one of several hilarious pictures of the "gift of the year" in use. The Snuggie! I suppose we are officially getting old and have a really hard time finding some great gifts for each other. That is until the Snuggie was opened!! Who would have thought a Snuggie would bring so much happiness? (After all, you CAN where it virtually anywhere and be snuggled in warmth!)

And we can't forget the free reading light that came with it! ...oh, and Josh is completely set with the glow-in-the dark koozie in hand too. (hee!)

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