Monday, March 30, 2015

Hannah is 15!

                            15 THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT HANNAH
1. She is easy goin' and honors her light, easy heart.
2. Confident.
3. Still likes to "play".
4. Loves to be pampered. Like a girl should be!
5. She's snuggly and huggly.
6. Her beautiful camel size eyelashes. Seriously?
7. She's loves to put together outfits and rocks fashion apps.
8. She wants to move to Australia. Yes, this girl likes to dream.
9. She is super school smart without much effort.
10. Loved by many...but few chosen to be good friends.
11. Her laugh. It is original and totally priceless.
12. She loves Pink Floyd, Queen, and any 80's music.
13. This sweetie is so similar to her Daddy. Love that!
14. I tell her... and she tells me "It's gonna be okay, Mama." Um, don't we ALL need to hear that now and then?
15. She teaches me things....and vice versa. I love our sweet and fun connection.
Hi there Hannah. Look at this old picture of you... you and Kitty and DeeDee! Oh how you have grown. You are growing and blossoming into the incredible little lady you are today. I couldn't be more happy to be a part of it and I am over the moon proud to be your Mama. I pray that you keep dreaming, keep loving others, keep doing the things that makes your heart sing, keep spreading your light and sharing your sweet goodness. You are cherished and so deeply loved beyond words, sweetheart.   xo.Mama  (By the way, you are still SO rockin' that beautiful smile!)

This year we kept the birthday celebration pretty TRADITIONAL. 

What does that mean? 

Besides family, friends, presents and laughter....

That means the 15th year of:

Nana making the cake.

Olive Garden.

Birthday plate picture.

We found out I was pregnant when we were at my Grandma's funeral.
Then we found out her due date was on my Grandma's birthday.
She was born on February 22nd, 2000.
At 2:22pm.

At 2:22pm on her 22nd birthday...she will be 22 on 2/22/2022.

Mmhmmm, her lucky number should be 2.

Inspired by Pinterest: Art Gypsies

Many of the art and craft projects that we do in our group are inspired by Pinterest. 
Pinterest. What can I say about it? 

It is an endless inspiring galaxy that is a happy time sucker for me. 
Clearly I need therapy. Along with many other "pinners" I'm sure.

Here I am on it. Follow me!

So I got some metal bracelet forms on Etsy and then some embellishments such as ribbons, button, gems, string, beads....and we all went to town.

Here we are at Kerstin's. We did burlap wreaths. So fun! You can get so creative with all sorts of goodies.

Major inspiration used: 

Thank you, Pinterest.

Oh how we love you.

Kim found these adorable little guys in Somerset magazine. Another huge inspiring magazine for artisans, crafters....creative's!

These are our guys we made from these vintage Chimes Candy tins she found.
Too cute for Halloween.

At Christmas time we all come together and plan a quick and simple holiday idea.
These are a couple that we did. A silhouette with paper, snow, glitter, paint. 

How fun is this ornament that we did? 

These are all over Pinterest. Sharpie pens on glass! Clean with alcohol, paint, and bake for 10 minutes in a low heat oven. Easy and expensive.
(Great to fill up with goodies for a personalized gift.)

 It's total fun supporting each other with our art and creative endeavors. Here is talented Becky. She does mixed media paintings. Aren't they fabulous? She did a show near here and did great!
Loved her canvases and display. Way to go Becky!

I was found by a gal on Etsy that had a store in a great area in Denver by some amazing restaurants. It's called SolShine. They have a yoga studio, an organic clothing store, local jewelry makers and a great gallery area for local artists to showcase their art and photography.

I agreed to do it and got the first wall right when you walk in the store/gallery. It was fun to show my art at the open house and throughout the month of October. There were some really amazing artists showing work. My art illustrations catered to the young families in the area. Especially young Mommy's coming in for a relaxing yoga class.

The above watercolor painting was done through a competition between all the artists showcasing art for that month. We had to do a yoga inspired theme with the SolShine logo in it somewhere. The winner was going to have their art on a line of clothing for the store to sell.

I got second place and won $50 gift card for the yoga store. Yay!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Art Gypsies paintings

This is the most recent project we did with art group. It was so fun to do colorful flowers among the cold wintery weather! These are cardboard egg cartons. 

Seriously, who knew?

We cut them up in a special way, then painted, then hot glued...

Then a stem and some embellishments in the center. Super cute and super cheap!

  This was a fun night at Becky's. She has this ginormous super awesome studio in her basement in her house and does classes for ladies. This night was just us girls playing around with canvases. Kerstin's artsy mom was in town from Germany!

Using fun techniques, colors...

Doing barns and getting all sorts of fab advice from Kerstin's mom about abstract painting. 
 Here is the start of my barn- a work in progress.

Rachel played another time and did these Aspen tree canvases. 
Using paper for the texture of the trees.

These little fun works were done in my studio (inspired by Kerstin) and we played with loose art medium, tools and color.

                                                   So blessed to be surrounded by art girls!
                                                                 Like, SO blessed.

Here's my sister-in-law Heather, Kristin and Monica at a "Paint and Sip" class. 

The final canvas! Towering Aspen trees in the fall. 
We rocked it!

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