Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our baby is THIRTEEN!

The THIRTEEN things we adore about Hannah:

1. her laughter fills up a room (she still has that adorable giggle!)
2. overall good, likeable girl all around
3. family/friends are important to her and she loves with her whole heart
4. she can "let things roll off" and go with the flow
5. confident
6. loves to be pampered
7. a hugger, many times over
8. she loves to "bling up" her outfits a bit
9. oh, what a sweet tooth this girl has!
10. a nice balance between sweet, sassy, shy, sensitive and social
11. she still can "play" like a little girl
12. brave, funny, witty, obedient, school comes easy for her
(okay, that's more than 13, oh well!)
13. this beautiful little lady is so soooo very loved....

(ps. I can't write much more, tears will flow. These old pictures I put on here are welling me up as it is!)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

brave and intuitive paintings

There are spirited, creative and inspiring women everywhere. I love that I get to surround myself with these delightful souls and play with at least once a month. Within the realm of "the creative's" there are fabulous and successful girls that inspire me daily online and on Etsy. I follow a few and have just been inspired by Flora Bowley. I got into one of her fabulous workshops last year in Boulder, but couldn't make it. Sad face. I love her style (great video) and the way she paints "intuitively" and gets in touch with the soul of what she dives into. I know I certainly don't do that enough (and so desire too) so I sent out an invite to my girls and they all wanted to participate with me! Whoo hoo! One problem: not enough space for these huge canvases. We needed space to be free. And time. Oh, where is the time?? It ended up to be 3 other sweet artsy friends and it was a blast. 
The one of many "intuitive" times to come.

We started with Becky's big, fabulous basement studio and our tools.

Layers, splattering, dripping, rubbing on...rubbing off. Color in all its glory!

We all got into our own "style" and went with it in a playful and fun time.

Got out the book for Flora's prompts at times.

After the layers and layers--we look for certain shapes that "pop" out on the piece and "pop" them out with some boldness.

Got Becky's daughter into the playtime.

Here are some of the results.... Rachel's two 16x20's


Becky's playtime after we were done.

Kim's (you brave and courageous girlie, you!)

Beck's in progress--

Brave. Enlightening. Inspiring. Fun. Frustrating at times (ha!). 
...overall, a delightful first try!

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