Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Light the candles!

Started with a girls-only luncheon... then...

Candle #1
(raspberries+chocolate= happy Nana)

A heavenly happy birthday hello from Dad that evening.

Candle #2

Then we took her to see Cirque du Soleil " Kurios" show downtown.

We had awesome seats and the show was so unbelievable!

We had so much fun!

Then met up with the rest of the family for birthday dinner!

And for...
Candle #3

Many WISHES come true and OODLES of LOVE and LAUGHTER and all the BEST of LIFE to you, Mom. 

You are so very loved as a Mom, Nana and best friend.

Some summer stuff...

So here are some summer pictures that have been collecting on my phone, Josh's phone, our computer, other people's phones....our camera...

Time to finally put them on here!

Pool time. This is Lauren's sweet friend and they now have a "tradition" doing this picture every summer. 


My bro is now officially a bee keeper at his golf course. (Yay, Steve!) He has researched, worked hard and now successful with his bees! (Go, honeybees!) 

It has excited this outdoor guy to no end. Can't wait for some yummy honey.

I have no idea where we were coming home from, but apparently it was a busy day.

After all the rain finally slowed down... we planted a few posies here and there.

"Just for boys" camping trip.
Hannah hittin' the four-wheeler.

Josh got up to Glacier National Park with his work/travel schedule. 
Here's one of the pictures he took.
Beyond beautiful.

We went to the Cherry Creek Art Festival again this year. And for a burger Cherry Cricket AGAIN this year. It's a once a year thing now I think.

Only in Denver.

We (especially me) oooed and aaaa'd over the most AMAZING art at this show. This is what the girls and Daddy had fun with at one of the stores.

Just in case you were wondering:
This is Lauren.

That was WAY TOO HOT.

So we have Photoshop on our computer now. I have NOT A CLUE how to use it. Hannah is teaching me with baby steps. She loves graphic design and is on her 3rd class in high school with it.
Isn't this cute that she did for Tristan's 6th birthday? He had such a precious superhero party.

We made jam again. It's more of a fruit preserve.
Josh brought home the famous Colorado Paliside peaches. Like, 10lbs of them.
I don't want to see a peach anytime soon!
Living at altitude...we haven't perfected the setting time...again.
Still runny. Still frustrated.
But at least we can a cute label,
thanks to Hannah!

Had to make our famous flag cake.

And the fireworks...and the fam....

The fireworks were we all had to entertain each other!

Here is Lauren: with her ear phones in, her laptop, her iphone and the iPad. 
I couldn't resist taking this picture.
It's 2015.
It makes me sad at times.

idon't like it,
idon't agree with society's screen obsession,
ithink that ieverything is a waste of life.

Yes, we often have "screen-free days" in our home.

Speaking of tech time: we finally updated my mom's phone!
A big jump from a "vintage" iPhone 3G to an iPhone 6.
Go Nana!
iknow you won't abuse it:)

Pool time...
and more pool time.

Pool anyone?

Happy summer!

There's a birthday boy in the hooouse!

So there's this incredible guy...
 He turned this number this year!

He's the Best. Dad. Ever.

And am I still head over heels for him?

That would be a big fat YES!

I surprised him and took him to see Neil Young at Red Rocks.
We go back in our love journey with his music...

And it was special and precious to sit in the rain all night...
and listen to this classic rocker.
And man, at 70 years old...he sure can ROCK. 
3 hours straight!

 Brother Joel and a great buddy of his came down for some fishing and camping, 
and we did a pool- pizza birthday thing.

There's this little man that is so in love with Uncle Gosh, too.

The girls made the second annual Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake for him. 
It's a fav for sure.
Hello butter and sugar!

We chilled in our swimsuits and a campfire in our back yard.

So speaking of a classic musician...Josh wanted a classic Weber grill. 
Like the good ole' days in the 80's where you got that awesome charcoal flavor...

Then the boys went to catch some fishies and camp... 

Josh's other bro drove down from Jackson Hole. 
Here's the crew.
It was a full house of man!

Gotta love 'em!
(seriously, how cute is THIS picture!)

Bestie trip 2015

I have 5 sisters.

They live on each corner of the country.

This year they call came to the middle here in Colorado.

We have shared so many memories- some of us for over 30 years. From Barbies to Girl name it. We still love each other and cherish making more memories on girl trips every or every other year or so.

These memories only belong to us. I hold them close- the silly one's, the teary one's, the really really silly one's, the real one's. All of them are priceless and always come from honest, raw sister love.

Here are some of moments and memories to be treasured from this trip:

- Linger
- hydration!
- good dreams
- round-a-bouts
- you rock, Brad!
- germ-x anyone?
- picture texting overload
- the "goodies"
- white jeans
- the loaded billionaire
- expensive valet
- bad angles
- restless leg syndrome
- hello mountains
- let's jump!
- maple syrup martinis, octopus and truffle fries
- Ed the pilot
- the wedding window
- ordering pizza at 11pm
- a tiny salmon
- stone heart anyone?
- hello traffic
- you can make it, Sarah!
- train station luxury
- Tag
- the best bread on the planet, ever.
- the gay birthday party
- the Mexican
- bike ride for 5?
- indescribable noises
- exhausted ladies.
- besties forever.

Rounded them all together from Denver airport and took them to our favorite downtown restaurant.

Then the best ice cream. Ever.

We got to our resort in Beaver Creek and it was perfection. Right on the river, with huge infinity hot tubs overlooking the mountains. Yes, please.

Massages, check. Pool time, check. 
Band playing, check. Good mexican dinner, check.
Laughter until you can laugh anymore, check.

Then off to Vail. To hike, shop, martinis on the river.

The gondola-

Hello mountains. Oh how you are gorgeous.

Hiking and jumping...and jumping...and jumping... and to lunch at the top of Vail.

Another friendly hiker got me in!

So perty.

The next day it was Beaver Creek.

Lunch and a bite!

Then to sit in traffic for waaaay to long coming back to Denver....we rushed and changed and then out to a posh restaurant in Larimar square. We didn't waste any time and stayed out till.... waaaay too long. Um, hello 3am.

Back to the airport. (sniff. sniff)
Union Station was perfect stay- gorgeous and glam and old and renovated and fab-u-lous!

I miss all you lovelies like crazy. We should totally be neighbors. Oh what fun THAT would be!
Love and hugs!

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