Sunday, September 25, 2011

aRt FuN: 2

Us girls had a smiley time in our basement playing with canvas and brushes yesterday. Lauren finished her sweet little owl....(she's got this cutie owl theme going on in her new room:)

Hannah painted her "happy"...and it turned out super sweet (no pun intended!). I'm so cheesy.

All sizes painted today...big, tall, tiny and square....

I painted a quick-n-silly owl for Lauren (she wanted boots on him).
I says on the sides "owl always love you"
Did I mention that I'm cheesy?

ArT FuN: 1

Already month #2 with some of my new creative sistas! I signed up to "facilitate" the meeting this month...and so what did we do? Uuuuuhhh, we painted canvas of course.

Painted all sorts of fun. These little houses brought some HAPPY.

This, oh so CHARMING.

This full of LOVE.

Painting out of a "comfort zone" and going for it.

This one: totally inspired by NATURE.

This one: let's add some BLING! 

Texture, fun, a tad of embellishment....mixed media....whatever floated our fancy.

Whatever tickled a creative bone.

So, I think we all left with an afternoon of painting 
a rainbow of things, with a
 a soul full of inspiration and smiles.

Friday, September 16, 2011

designs, colors and ART

"Whatever you think or DREAM to do- begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."-Goethe

We've had a full schedule with the biggest changes in our lives lately. I haven't had a bit of time to sit and create much at all, but since our house is still "a work in progress" I decided to play around with some creativity for the girls rooms. I painted a chunky, retro flower mural in Hannah's room under the loft Josh made them (I promise to put before and after pics of this house on here!) and wanted to do something else too. 
So I took a canvas and on a whim, thought about 50 things I adore about Hannah. I wrote them on, and personalized with her name and colors. It was so special for me to do and for her to receive. A meaningful (and quite different) piece!

So, I did one for sweet little Tyler too! I thought, what a great gift... for a newborn. To have his little story on a canvas. 

Then the girls bathroom. I love the bright and playful colors that the girls have in their rooms and bathroom. This one below is a huge canvas. I thought of what I wanted them to see/read every morning when they get ready. So I wrote many sayings the are positive, beautiful and what I believe you should carry around in your heart all day long. Another meaningful piece of artwork that is fun and funky.

This one I was just playing. Again, the bold and trendy shapes and colors. I wrote on here what I most have been praying for the girls as they start in a new school. For them to be confident, courageous and a lovely and beautiful light to all they meet.

This one was for me. I really have been desiring to "loosen up" my style and my art. Too be free to dream big. So I had fun with colors and wanted to be okay with a bit messy and rough.

All of these samples/originals and the personalized name signs that I have been doing for years are all going on Etsy! I have this brand new market here and wanted to begin something bigger, dream bigger and get going. My Etsy shop is now open, so take a quick peek (still a work in progress, like so much lately). 

Stay tuned for more later!


Friday, September 9, 2011

CraZy campers: Part 2

We decided to head down more south near Co. Springs this past weekend. Labor Day weekend, ending of summer, beginning of chilly temps. We headed off to meet all the family and a couple friends- 14 of us. We took Josh's car this time around- yeah, left a few centimeters for kids and a dog to breathe. We took only what we needed...........but came to the conclusion that what we need is a bigger vehicle.

Got a bit lost on the way (limited cell phone service, arrrggh!) and finally found the first 2 outdoor boys.

Set up camp and dug out our coats 'cuz the temps were dropping. Oh yea, us whimpy Texans were in for a cooold night. I had 4 layers on, a hat, gloves. FOUR layers, people. 
Had serious envy of the two incredible campers in our big campsite with potty, heat, water, comfy sleeping, fridge conveniences...(they did share!:)
while we FROZE our toes and noses and other body parts off in the 29 degree night!

(Mother nature doesn't mess around here, Bam!... September= COLD.)

Josh attempted cooking our chicken, potatoes (they never really got baked) and corn on the cob OVER THE FIRE again. (Oh, help us.) The attempt somewhat failed. 
BUT experienced Co. camper, Steveo, filled up our bellies by whipping out his new cast iron stove and cooked up the most delicious fresh apple cobbler. Over the fire AND....a'la mode. 

We defrosted the next morning and enjoyed all Steve/Heathers "toys". We love that they share their toys!! Here is Mom shooting paint guns...and she even went 4-wheeling- You GO, woman!

And T with his bubbles gun- You GO, boy!
cutest camper EVER I must say

two more cutie campers EVER too :)

All in all, a great couple days! (Minus the freezing our butts off part.) 
So much beauty. So many memories.
Soakin' it all up for the year.

See ya next Spring, Mr. Tent.
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