Wednesday, January 11, 2017

a little bit of this and that time

Voting time.

And saw this when I left.

Girl time.

Time for Polly sass.

Paint time... gray, beige, ...greige?

Time of dreaming of re-doing our kitchen.

Polly's over-loved Olaf's missing body parts and teeth.

Growing hair out time.

Or not?

Loving work time.

Boy time.

Tent time.

Polly wanting NOTHING to do with shot time at the vet.

Family. And. Food.

What do you do with family over the holidays?

You eat.

You snuggle up.

Eat some more.

Try not to go too crazy.

Have girl time.
Have boy time.

Eat again.

You have special moments.

And conversations.

And lay around.

You go to Cheddars and again.

And you smile 'cuz you are so full 

...and happy that you are so loved and blessed.

Got it?!

Thanksgiving cont'd

As we gather together this Thanksgiving, let's take time to recognize and appreciate what God has blessed us with this past year including:

Disney trips, diabetes pumps and drivers licenses
Safe travel, sunshine, and Sedona scenery
Soccer stars, social media and stock market gains
For benchmark birthdays, balloon rides, BFF's and bonuses
Colorado camping trips, children to hug, and cars that protect
Handyman husbands, home sweet homes, and hope for the future
For remembering, relaxing days, rainbow and relationships
For freedoms, friends and families that are forever!

(author: God and Nana)

Turkey prep. Molly was so brave. Two hefty turkeys.
I was the butter girl. She cleaned, wiped, in there!

Can we fit everyone?

Isn't this lovely??!




Crazy turkey!

Gravy girls!

A little more crazy.

Love helpers.

It was wonderful having everyone here.

We loved having Monica too!

                                                                       Carving them up.

The food.
So. Much. Food.

The gang.

We played games after...gotta love Spoons.


Joel is here!
He was the first of the Foster clan to make it to our house.
We were planning on hosting 18 for Thanksgiving...whoo hoo!
He wanted to hit the river first...
Cold but pretty
We love our Uncle Joel!
He was awesome assisting in some man jobs around the house. 
We greeted the folks...

Started the eating fest.
He bought brother Dave's old Land Rover ...his ride home after turkey day.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Great Sand Dunes National Park

This was our last stop right before the sun set. What a great picture at "EAT SAND" Dunes!
That is what we did.
Seriously, we had sand in every corner of every part of our bodies.
Josh was picking sand out of his ears for days after...
It was so stunning.
Kind of in a magical way.

I've never seen any park like this. We had such a fun time there. 
One of my favorite national parks EVER. 
Just because it was so different and grand. 

We got creative with the sun setting.

And then decided to JUMP, SLIDE, FALL, and ROLL off the tops of the dunes and fall down the ginormous hills of sand. 

Yep, too much sand- everywhere!

Then we were off for home to get Polly at doggie camp.

She had cries of joy leaving Charlie Lovejoy's hippy shack.

What a fabulous, memorable trip. We will never forget it.

        ..............Over 2,000 miles of beauty and fun.
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