Friday, July 29, 2011


It was a whirlwind of a trip- but good. Nonetheless, we got home fully and completely exhausted. 
(Ha, not that we have been busy or anything lately!) 
In four days Josh and I not only did the reunion festivities but we also had meals and connected with family and old friends. We saw all J's brothers (and beautiful niece) for a short time. Josh connected with his two childhood buddies and me and my dear friend/college roomie/one of my favorite girls got to spend some cherished time together.

We drove by our old houses we grew up in.

We had some nice time with Josh's folks and brothers.

Of course we went to Josh's favorite restaurant... we chowed a couple times at "Bob's".

During our move I came across some of my old diaries. It was kind of a full circle moment when Hannah/Lauren and I read some of them together. This one was from about the 4th grade. I cracked up and sent it to Keri- who I was going to see this weekend....

Class of '91

From Barbies to Huffy bikes and Girl Scouts.
To first kisses, braces, school dances.
To college grads, husbands and motherhood.
We've grown, we've learned, we loved and we've stuck together through the years.

A sisterhood of forever friendship.
A cherished gift that can never be replaced.
All 5 of us came from across the nation from Cali to Virginia again. A tradition we have kept every couple years for awhile now. This year we celebrated 20 years since High School graduation in Hudson, Ohio. We got all gussied up with our husbands. Had a night out in Cleveland at a swanky, trendy restaurant. Then off to the big 20th reunion the next night.

It was such a blast. 
We c e r t a i n l y haven't forgotten how to have fun, be ridiculous, laugh and have goofy

Yep, even our hubbies joined in the silly. 

We all didn't know what to expect for the High School reunion. It seemed like everyone was the same but different at the same time. All the old classmates are the same age. All have gone through love, loss, triumph, joy, failure, success... in the past couple decades. There were no barriers it seemed. Just hugs, huge smiles, small talk and good 'ole class of '91 fun. It was all about catchin' up, 80's tunes, old photos and just good memories to be shared.

Another awesome girls (husbands too:) get-away weekend.
 Totally never to be forgotten.

Birthday Bonnie.

Birthday girl. 
Bonnie. Mom. Nana.
Dear friend to many. Thoughtful. Bubbly. Beautiful.
Always there to lend a hand or ear.
Strong. Brave. Full of love to share.
Healthy. Sincere. Devoted. Fun.
Creative. Brightest smile.
A hair twirler.
HGTV lover.
 Has a sweet tooth or two.
Loves all things raspberry.
Lover of her grandchildren.
Her family.
Her friends.

My best friend.

How could we not celebrate all these qualities in this incredible woman?

These are the years that are shiny ones for you, Mom.
They are bright, beautiful and full of goodness.

Just like you.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big birthday.

We have been in total celebration mode here these past 12 weeks. I'm not just talking about celebrating our big brand new lives here. I am talking SEVEN birthday celebrations this summer. 
Eeek! Along with holidays. Whoooweee.
So, it was Josh's turn. 
To celebrate him.
We wanted to celebrate big
So we did. Why not?
His b-day kinda started with a big burger. At a side-of-the-road-trailer-type-restaurant, should-we-really-eat-here!? We did, 'cuz Google said it was awesome. Like, a ton of 5-star comments. We ate THE biggest burgers of our lives at "Big Burger World" in Colorado Springs. Fresh-n-gooood. Thanks big time Google.

Then we were off with other big news. White-water rafting down the Royal Gorge. Super fun. The girls totally put their big girl panties on and joined us. They fitted up us all and stuck Big Daddy in tiny wet-suit, shoes, helmet, spf 250!, and paddle we headed out in safety with a great guide to the big currents. The water was 43 degrees and the girls got soaked in the front. Lauren was pumped about it until half-way through (holdin' on white knuckled) she turned and looked at me with some big fear in her eyes. We all had a blast and want to make it a Josh birthday tradition.
Big beauty. Big rocks down the river.
(I'm sad, I didn't have a waterproof camera)
We wanted to grab a bite to eat and went to one of J's favorite stores-- and look at the big shoe Lauren found. Like, size 22 or something! (never seen one so big!)
Big thoughts.
Big wishes.
Big love.

We love you big time, Daddy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

randomness- Part 2

Some things I have come to know these past weeks. In total random order. 
Here is Part 1 if you wonder.
- Moving and getting settled IS totally one of the top three most stressful things you do in life.
- My husband is a work-horse. And still brings me flowers on a day when I needed flowers.
- Boxes will sit around if you let them.
- Boxes will drive you a tad crazy.
- You can't trust a paint color by a tiny card.
- You can paint close to an entire house in about 3 weeks.
- This blog is the only creative expression I've had in the past 4 months.
- My inside's are screaming to do any sort of art.
- You can have sleepless nights even when completely exhausted.
- Merlot. Ice cream. Guilty pleasures. 
- My new favorite place to be is swaying on our front porch swing with breezes/butterlies/mountains.
- For under a $100 you can get an enormous amount of awesome stuff at garage sales here.
- You can have more recyclables than garbage.
- Texting a BFF your frustrations during the day is a good thing.
- You can totally negotiate super terrific prices between Lowe's, Sears, Home Depot.
- You don't know sunburn until you get a Colorado sunburn.
- Churches/religion that are open and expressive are not just in the South.
- I miss my TX friends like something crazy.
- It's possible to wear a jacket/sweater in July.
- You can connect w/ a brand new friend when shopping -n- laugh like silly's on day 2.
- When you get overwhelmed etc, close the door and cry- it makes it better.
- Sisters rock. Babies rock. Daddy's rock.
- Families are forever.

the 4th

:) pool party-n-bbq 

bike decorating

bike parade

adorable neighborhood festival; Hannah jumping
b'day-girl present trampoline finally put up. super sunburnt skin. flag cake making.
awesome neighbor dinner party. 
cul-de-sac block par-tey. fireworks.
 another full weekend.

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